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  1. What was this Google Authentication thing? I didn’t have a QR scanner so I “opted out”. Should I have? confused1 @Onika @Lachlan

    1. Vertigo-go


      omg you all I thought I was hacked by Taylor to upvote and downvote whoever he pleased, and shift the blame on me wendy4

    2. Onika


      That was not supposed to prompt you there dead2 working on setting up 2FA as an option, but it wasn't supposed to do that

    3. Vertigo-go


      Onika being messy with his computer again


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  2. When you realize you haven't been on FOTP for a full 24 hours jj4

  3. Which is worse: Tumblr or FOTP BG? brit9

    1. H.O.N.E.Y


      gaga daily dead7

    2. SWINΞ
    3. H.O.N.E.Y


      @SWINΞ I'm actually on GGD now too. dead7

  4. Why are Lorde tickets 1.5x more expensive than Gaga tickets for floor seating? I'm so fucking pissed off. I was so damn excited and now I can't go rip1 cry4

    1. Jony


      They don't release all available tickets during the fan presale jj1 

    2. SWINΞ


      I know cry4 

      I'm trying again when regular sale starts Friday morning. I'm just so pissed off i went through the trouble of signing up for a presale code and logged on BEFORE they went on sale and still didn't get a damn ticket. 

      Ill be damned if it happens again on Friday scream1

    3. Jony


      Good luck cry6 

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  5. Why does Hymn sound different all of a sudden?... brit15

    1. Anna-wa


      Maybe because you have new songs and are comparing the sounds???

    2. SWINΞ


      Maybe? But the intro doesn’t sound the same as how I remembered and the chorus also sounds more “full” and her voice sounds slightly smoother. 

      Whatever it is, I like it! dead7

    3. Anna-wa


      Oh my gosh what the HECK is with that triple post? brit12 I blame the rain.

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  6. Why is Save as Draft playing on my radio rn?? cry3

    1. Hylia


      Isn't it the current adult contemporary single?

    2. SWINΞ


      I was unaware!! I’m very happy if it is!!! yas2 @QUINN is it true?

    3. QUINN


      Yes it is! Currently in the top 20 on hot AC radio bey1 the GP seem to be liking it. Coming for that early fall hit! lol1 

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  7. Why the hell did Britney let Glory flop? It's such a perfect album brit2

  8. Will this be the most peaceful week in FOTP history? hay1

    1. #Music


      Do you not have NHB access? lol1 

  9. Wow. Lana really did THAT with In My Feelings. 

    1. Sylk


      omg I was listening to it when i saw this wig 

  10. Y'all act like Gaga and Apple haven't been working together since day one... chi1