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  1. My My My is a BOP!!!!!! yas2 

    1. Dancing Queen

      Dancing Queen

      for me it's a naynaynay

      too forced

    2. Sylk
  2. Love to watch your ass go wiggle cry7

  3. Why did it take Lana to introduce me to BØRNS? I LOVE this...

  4. Low key excited af for Justin Timberlake’s album

    1. Dan


      He's served some bops before brit13 

    2. Hylia


      Same, I stan outdoorsy visuals

  5. @BEAUX am I not good enough for your PM? cry8

    1. Madonna
    2. Madonna


      Apparently it's been removed now anyway! whit1 

    3. Savage


      No, baby, don't say that. I didn't think you would have wanted to be a part of that mess, that's all. shrug1 

  6. Glory still snatches me. Why didn’t Brit promo her magnum opus??

    1. Brightflower


      You called it her magnum opus mad4

    2. SWINΞ


      Still don’t see the lie mad1

    3. Zachary


      but ima make you change your MIND!!!'



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  7. I seriously can’t wait until we get music videos for the good songs off Reputation tay1

    1. Jae


      First off end game is great tay1 

      second i can't wait for the Dancing With Our Hands Tied.mp3 video either yas1 

    2. Hylia


      Every song is good, facts only!

    3. Chris


      excapt End Game tay1 

      that is the only skippable track.

      facts! tay1 

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  8. For Christmas I received my first ever WP. @ModBot is fake btw. She’s no bot.

    1. WinnieIsFree


      Hun we been knew, it’s what mods log into when they’re scared to give you one on their main account. I can’t wait till I get a hold of @Lachlan cause I know he’s been fucking with me! 

  9. @Urbi what was the status did you just comment on that suddenly disappeared when I checked my notif? mad1

    1. Urbi


      I don’t remember tbh jj3 

  10. Fashion of His Love is so underrated gaga13

  11. Revival is a masterpiece. Oh. Wow. 

    1. Jake


      1 minute ago, *Starlight* said:

      Eminem's album came out already? When?


    2. Kyoteki


      its okay. Offended is my favorite song.

    3. Anna-wa


      Yeah I love Good For You.

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  12. Just bought my Kesha/ Macklemore tix yas2 I’m so excited 

    1. Dan


      Woooo! Have fun yas1yas2 

  13. Reputation is 1989’s much older sister who has been through some shit

    1. Brightflower


      t to be honest rih1

    2. Anna-wa


      Reputation is way more expressive of her emotions than her sister 

    3. Holiest Dreams

      Holiest Dreams

      57 minutes ago, Anna-wa said:

      Reputation is way more expressive of her emotions than her sister 

      1989 looks so amazing here!


  14. Oh I LIVE seeing the main Admin logging in to permaban bey5

    1. fab


      the @Lachlan shade nnn jj2 

    2. SWINΞ
    3. ajp


      Takin' out the FOTP trash ny7

  15. WHAT did I just read? I- jj4

    me and lana dey rey: *riding across the country in a volkswagen van, trying to get back to connecticut because lana’s coke dealer lives there*

    me: hey lana there’s some roadkill by the side of the road let’s see what it is

    lana, already used to my scavenging habits: *sighs* ok, beth. *lights a blunt*

    me, going closer to the roadkill: wait holy shit….. this is lorde (ella maria lani yellich-o’connor)…. lorde are you okay?????

    lorde (ella maria lani yellich-o’connor): yea i was just method acting for my new album, what are you doing out here

    me: i’m with lana we’re getting drugs

    lorde: ok it would really help if you just carried me around like roadkill for my album lana wouldn’t even notice really

    me, weirded out but will do anything for lorde because i feel like she is my friend: um ok *carries lorde (ella maria lani yellich-o’connor) back to the van* hey lana……. just have this roadkill here im going to put it in the back

    lana: *nostrils flare* is that…… ella maria lani yellich-o’connor i smell…

    me: *laughs nervously* oh hohoh of course not miss grant you must surely be mistakening the smell of ella maria lani yellich-o’connor for this large non-decomposable bird i picked up

    lana: …. that would be a good lyric…. thank you for providing me with inspiration. i agree with you, spiritually. *hands me the blunt*

    lorde, arising through the back: im so glad we’re all blood sisters

    me and lana: *harmonizing in our exasperated moans*


  16. If you don’t like Pop music you should stop reading this

    FOTP is no longer relevant

    Ever since 2015 she’s a flop

    DO NOT buy a new VIP package on FOTP

    Give her no M-O-N-E-Y

    DON’T post on the site at all

    FOTP is over


    1. Brightflower


      i chose a wrong time to join then

    2. Kylie


      I love your snaps

  17. 7k rep?! Wig! yas2 

    1. Brightflower


      King of rep points when will others yas1

    2. SWINΞ


      I mean most users here have more than me mad5

    3. Brightflower


      Well that because we are rep whores mad5

  18. Oh wow.... Jaden Smith’s album is actually really really good...

    1. Dancing Queen

      Dancing Queen

      hawt-looking album

  19. Bye lana1

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    2. Dancing Queen
    3. Sylk


      Thanks for telling us Anna- wa! Hope him and you also have a festive xmas!!

    4. SWINΞ


      Aww thanks for all the love you all!! I thought I'd poke in and say hi and pop around for a bit just cause I can't sleep haha.

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  20. No shade but does Christina know how to sing without riffing? brit15

    1. TattooedHeart


      1 minute ago, Anna-wa said:

      Listen to this, it will blow your mind.


      this is gorgeous, can she do this more?

    2. rose


      3 minutes ago, Anna-wa said:

      Listen to this, it will blow your mind.



    3. Anna-wa


      21 minutes ago, TattooedHeart said:

      this is gorgeous, can she do this more?

      I wish. Her soft voice in this song and Say Something are just so cry6 

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