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  1. @Urbi what was the status did you just comment on that suddenly disappeared when I checked my notif? mad1

    1. Urbi


      I don’t remember tbh jj3 

  2. @Freaky Prince I’m so mad at you. I was so hype for this Kelly Clarkson thing and monsters following the FOTP account were getting stoked too. fall1

    1. Freaky Prince

      Freaky Prince

      Lesson learned, no worries sia2

    2. Chris Morlock
    3. Freaky Prince

      Freaky Prince

      Kelly in 2012 tweeted that she wanted jessie j, pink and gaga on a song

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  3. @Malfoy what have you done giveup1

    99+ notifs scream1

  4. @Anna-wa is the sweetest, nicest, and cutest FOTP member. Argue me aretha1

    1. Jake


      This is correct. Never fails to make my day better when I see her positive posts.

    2. Jae


      Indisputable queen 

    3. Princess Aurora

      Princess Aurora

      Where's the Lie ? 

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  5. taking-out-trash-funny.gif

    Bon A Petit Baby

  6. tumblr_inline_ov1kjs5Pml1t85rec_1280.jpg


    1. Holiest Dreams

      Holiest Dreams

      Taylor was born in 1989 aka Year of the Snake. 

      FOTP member Taylor was born on July 16th aka National Snake Day.

      It was meant to be cry7  

    2. G.T.D.A.B.


      33 minutes ago, Anna-wa said:

      That was the joke.

      I know, hon.

    3. Entea


      This is nothing new ny1

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  7. tumblr_odqdboo0zp1vgrfcyo1_1280.png

    1. Anna-wa


      You're just a pig inside a human body!!!

  8. tumblr_ow7p9m4i5q1r1ult6o1_500.gif


    1. G.T.D.A.B.


      I don't think of Beyonce at all. rav2

  9. Can’t believe it’s 2017 and members are getting warned for calling Madonna old while the mods simultaneously ignore the promotion of anti-semitism. ew1

  10. 24 Members, 9 Anon, and 425 Guests currently online. Um hi? Join please! oprah14

  11. 2am and I’m exhausted but of course the minute I lie down to sleep my anxiety acts up and I start feeling a panic attack creeping up. Ah. I love my brain. 

    1. G.T.D.A.B.


      Breathe in and out and drink a cold glass of water. <3

    2. SWINΞ


      5 minutes ago, Driven said:

      Breathe in and out and drink a cold glass of water. <3


    3. G.T.D.A.B.


      1 minute ago, SWINΞ said:


      I care for you, bro. hug1

  12. 7k rep?! Wig! yas2 

    1. Brightflower


      King of rep points when will others yas1

    2. SWINΞ


      I mean most users here have more than me mad5

    3. Brightflower


      Well that because we are rep whores mad5

  13. 9 days until Enigma scream1

  14. A few years ago for the Lenten Season, I gave up all social media. It was more than centering. So... I’m doing it again!! See y’all after Easter! oprah14

  15. Add me on Snap gaga7


  16. Add me on Snapchat clap1


  17. All these technical issues with FOTP is genuinely getting to me. wendy4