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  1. Who’s good at making sets? I need your help cry5 I’m a flop and my aesthetic is horrendous. 

    1. Grams
    2. Dr. Slay
    3. Dr. Slay

      Dr. Slay

      yes my avi is horrible atm but it's just a temporary avi dead2

  2. They’re burning all the witches!!!

  3. Oh wow!! I can’t believe Taylor Swift invented music videos! yas2 

  4. Staying up till 3am my time to get my hands on that iPhone X. It’s like a holiday cry1

    1. Mystique


      same but midnight here jj2 

    2. Mystique


      50 minutes im scared

  5. I just won backstage passes to the JOANNE World Tour on Nov 5 and I’m gonna die now moo2

    1. fab


      brit4 oh mess I thought backstage tours usually include meet and greets jj3 

      still exciting though cheer1 

    2. TattooedHeart


      tell her i say hi

    3. Brightflower


      Good for you sis, that's an honor to be honest!cry2

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  6. I finished two books yesterday and I’m working on a third today. I set a goal to read 13 books before the end of the year and I’m only at 6. No more games meg1

    1. Brightflower


      lmfao1ive read a lot this year as always, at least ten

  7. My sister, Me, Idk who Ben is, My sister’s bff. 


  8. This season of AHS is so fuckin joke. It’s soooooo good yas2 

  9. tumblr_odqdboo0zp1vgrfcyo1_1280.png

    1. Anna-wa


      You're just a pig inside a human body!!!

  10. There’s gotta be at least 3 more Ingrid stans out there!! Come on guys we’re so close to an official badge!! yas2Sign up here:


  11. Omg!!! In 3.5 weeks the Joanne Tour will be back and I’ll be there LIVE to witness the comeback! yas2 I canNOT wait!! Praying Gaga stays on this upswing in health!!

    1. Dan


      I see her in a month and 8 days! bey6 

  12. Only need 5 more people cry7

    Add your name for the Ingrid Michaelson Stan Badge!!! antm1


  13. Whatever You Want sounds like early P!nk and I STAN yas2 

  14. Elsa’s threads are yawn-worthy nicki4

    1. Hermione


      Dead at Elsa rip4


    2. Jae


      lmfao1 bitch 

    3. Brightflower
  15. All these technical issues with FOTP is genuinely getting to me. wendy4

  16. Your new set cry7

    1. Chris Morlock

      Chris Morlock

      @SWINΞ it was Fergie but i had to change it because @Unapologetic Bitch already has it jj4 

    2. SWINΞ


      That ok. Brendan is daddy cry9

  17. Who stands the Indie Pop Queen Ingrid Michaelson??! Interested in a stan badge?? Help me out!! Sign up:


  18. Who has Apple Music? This new profile thing is pretty cool... follow me so I can follow back!


    1. Mingyu.


      I'm following you now. <3 

    2. SWINΞ


      Followed back Legend! yas2 

  19. Dolly talking about how “high tech”she is at the beginning of Rainbow land makes my heart smile

  20. I miss Michael Jackson so badly brit2

  21. Wow the A Little Work video is... cry7

    I’m speechless

  22. I just got back from having my blood drawn and I feel sick ohno1. I matched as a potential donor for my bone marrow for someone with a form of blood cancer and they need to double check my blood work. I feel weak and sleepy. That’s normal, right?...

    1. CalixSpurius


      That's definitely normal because having your blood drawn cause a sudden drop in your blood pressure :) 

      Make sure you don't move much and rest a bit, otherwise you can faint :) 

    2. Urbi


      Yes, it's normal. Eat some chocolate and have some rest :) 

    3. Sylk


      Feel better soon!! xx 

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  23. YOUR AVI lmfao1❤️❤️❤️

    1. Urbi


      is it ok?


    2. SWINΞ


      It’s flawless yas2