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  1. Oh, wow, I missed this entire countdown. So much for giving an alert to those of us that only log on here once or twice a month.
  2. I sincerely hope you're being sarcastic with those subpar selections. Or is this like Chris Christie saying his poll numbers are so low because people in his state don't want to lose him as their Governor. The power of being in denial.
  3. I don't want this to happen. It's the culmination of my worst Madonna nightmares. How about a good album instead? It's been almost ten years since we received one of those.
  4. There was promotion for the new Florence and the Machine disc. In fact, she was on the cover of Billboard magazine two weeks ago. As much as I love FATM, this is easily my least favorite album. The two lead singles released so far have been extremely disappointing.
  5. Heard her new song yesterday ... LOVE IT!!!!! She kinda reminds me of Rashida Jones in that photo.
  6. Anybody else miss chubby Chris Pratt? That's the one I fell in love with six years ago. In that damn hole in Pawnee.
  7. I hate the song I can't imagine the music video making me like it. When does it come out? Oh, nevermind, I'll probably never get around to seeing it.
  8. Each month, Goldmine magazine features a different pop or rock music legend to showcase the 10 Albums That Changed My Life and in the July issue (with Ringo Starr on the cover), they present Wayne "KC" Casey of KC and the Sunshine Band. KC and the Sunshine Band are pretty much the Gods of disco (sorry Donna Summer and the Village People). In the late-1970's, they scored five No. 1 Billboard hits. And no, these weren't just dance/disco No. 1 hits, but No. 1's on the Hot 100. These guys were HUGE and KC was the cutest thing ever. That's The Way (I Like It), Please Don't Go etc.
  9. I agree. There is absolutely no way I could predict that list, though, even if I have listened to more international artists over the past five years than I have U.S. acts that have dominated U.S. radio (Maroon 5, Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift, etc.). If it wasn't for genius music coming from Sweden, I think I would have killed myself this decade.
  10. That's true but I assumed the OP was targeting in on the Top 10 artists in the U.S. for the decade, not Top 10 globally.
  11. Billboard factors in album and single sales when determining the top artists of the decade so I wouldn't be surprised if two or three country artists find their way inside the upper echelon. Not sure who. Possibly Lady Antebellum, Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Zac Brown Band, etc. They've sold truckloads over the past five years. Also don't discount R&B acts like Lil' Wayne and Chris Brown who did pretty well at the start of the new decade. I always love the decade-end issue even if I'm not a fan of most of the music inside.
  12. I think it shows a complete lack of intelligence to say that the kinda fantastic Born this Way disc was a flop. ARTPOP, on the other hand .....
  13. I wish Madonna's masterpieces such as the one that made the list, were actually appreciated to the extent that they are today during their time. I don't know if most of you realize this but that disc, although it was a huge No. 1 hit and spawned a series of major radio hits, didn't get a lot of respect back in 1989/1990. Madonna was even booed a year later when she was nominated for Best Female at a new awards show at the time called The Rock Awards. She even ended up winning that award beating Bonnie Raitt.