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    Firework is hard to sing! Still one of her best songs btw
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    Are you running FOTPKaty account?
  3. Slayty is so huge in Brazil and in South America in general
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    What a fantastic couple!
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    Hot n cold is still strong
  6. I think AI is gonna help her career
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    Julia Roberts and Katy Perry My favorite actress and my favorite singer
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    Porto Alegre
  9. News of Katy Perry's staggering $25 million salary for American Idol made eyeballs pop when it was announced last fall, not only because that was reportedly more than half ABC's budget for talent but also nobody knows if Idol 2.0 will retain the 10.3 million people who watched the premiere. Whether ABC's gamble on the mother of all singing competitions proves to be a ratings hit or not, one thing is for certain: Katy Perry gives the reboot both the dazzle factor and gravitas it needed to work. Katy Perry's animated, exaggerated pop persona make it natural to assume she'd bring her cheeky, squeaky fun to show and she does. But she also brings the realest critiques, and often leading the show's conversation rather than her male counterparts (which was par for course when Simon Cowell judged the og version). Could this be a chicken/egg situation, in which her male co-stars Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan knowingly accept that they're salary inferiors and get in line? Perhaps. But now that the show has aired, Katy is showing why she's worth the top earning slot: she's not only the most relevant pop culture figure on the panel in 2018, she's also the best judge. Full article http://www.tvguide.com/news/katy-perry-american-idol-salary/?ftag=COS-05-10aaa0g&utm_campaign=trueAnthem:+manual&utm_content=5aa84b1000bd4700079e1332&utm_medium=trueAnthem&utm_source=twitter
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    The video has over 20 million views