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    We can win cutest musician's pets
  2. You better join the section more now
  3. I hope it is true
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  5. Where have you been?
  6. Really?
  7. I hope you watch it as soon as possible because it is such an emotional movie
  8. So much! Btw, did you watch Coco?
  9. We call it "Befana" and she is an old lady that brings gifts and candies. She is a sort of female Santa Claus
  10. Yes, it was festive here in Italy. Epiphany is one of the most important holidays in my country. And you?
  11. KatyPerryVevo | Top 10 Countries that generated most views in 2017: USA — 796M Mexico — 417M Brazil — 380M UK — 205M Germany — 149M France — 146M Poland — 146M Philippines — 137M Thailand — 136M Indonesia — 122M