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  1. Event

    Give It to Me is a 6 so not quite!
  2. Event

    5. The weakest from Fever.
  3. Album

    Firework is absolutely atrocious and the only pitfall on an otherwise great album. Imagine hating Hummingbird when you could have taste instead!
  4. Photos

    Thanks for the Bedtime Stories one - it's better than mine was.
  5. My digital collection by the way.
  6. Discussion

    Bittersweet Goodbye!
  7. Single

    I kinda like it the chorus is just a tad annoying.
  8. Discussion

    8 years, wow. I remember being perched for the video to be released. Still fantastic. That beat is sick hook is amazing.
  9. Achievement

    Those creme eggs are glorious.