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  1. Replay, Babylon, Enigma and Sine From Above are some of her best songs ever and this album (except Free Woman) is a total snatch.
  2. I just saw this. All I Wanted is literally god-tier Paramore.
  3. Stop the California slander oh my fucking god.
  4. Effective immediately, there is a forum wide ban on Melanie Martinez sets! gaga3

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    2. Chris


      @Madonna i tried to look and see if there were any updated for the accusations, but literally no official updates from either side fall5 


      i figured they just settled it privately

    3. Madonna


      "Settled it privately" because Felony Rapetinez probably told her that she was gonna wrte a song about how they scissored in the dark

    4. Chris



      well she already released Piggyback about that

  5. I do quite like Bartender but it’s a game of cute next to gorgeous!
  6. You can post in the Lizzo section now. moo5

    1. LÉON


      You're all welcome ny12

  7. That quick little harp before the NFR title track chorus.
  8. Single mix and Hope doesn’t have that outro either!
  9. After the Storm the worst? Now I've heard everything.
  10. I believe he's used something along the lines of "worst song on the album" before. Tasteless wbk.
  11. @Liam's body twitched reading this.
  12. Moving is a masterpiece. Desrved Wuthering Heights success!
  13. Grow Up still fucking slaps!