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  1. Other Make a 15 track setlist made completely of album tracks NEVER performed before

    Through the Years performed 14 times with Fine as an encore.
  2. Achievement Full version of Kiss Me Once Live at the SSE Hydro now on the Youtubes

    I love this show so much.

    I completely disagree with this because there's so many details in Body Memory - and every minute or so there's something new that is added to the song in the production, or the choir, or the melodies and enunciation. It's brilliant.
  4. Utopia (2017) Megarate

    Now sis...
  5. Best song on Utopia?

    Body Memory Future Forever
  6. Utopia (2017) Megarate

    Can't wait for the top 5 to be Body Memory, Loss, Sue Me, Future Forever and The Gate!
  7. Björk | Utopia | 10th Studio Album | November 2017

    This is truly one of her best albums. Fuck my life she did ALL OF THAT.
  8. Achievement Rhythm Of Love is a top 5 Kylie album actually, why?

    I mean it's good but like.... every album from 1994 onwards disagrees.
  9. Album Paloma Faith | The Architect | 4th Studio Album | November 17th, 2017

    WW3 is amazing, as is Til I'm Done. I'm loving Lost and Lonely as well.
  10. Album Paloma Faith | The Architect | 4th Studio Album | November 17th, 2017

    Halfway through the album now honestly Surrender is one of my faves.
  11. Over and Underrated: Björk Edition

    This is just... disgusting.
  12. Celeb News Florence + The Machine to return in 2018, new material on the way, shows, etc

    Hopefully she continues the trend of outdoing each previous release.
  13. Over and Underrated: Björk Edition

    You will not go there again with a top 5 Björk song.
  14. Over and Underrated: Björk Edition

  15. Game Rank Tove Lo’s studio releases

    LW > QOTC > BL