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  1. here

    Hey guys - just letting you know that from tonight until the 27th of January I will be offline. I'm going on overseas and won't have that much access to the internet. Please direct all your queries and requests to Onika and the mod team. Bye for now!


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    2. Lachlan

      Don't forget to stream Twinke's new song next week. oprah14 

    3. Hunty Bear

      No No No! absolutely not! oprah14 

    4. Anna-wa

      Have fun wub1 

  2. Event

    He actually does stan Wavy a bit tew much.
  3. Event

    TMA is truly incredible.
  4. Event

    Oh so we all agree that FF is incredible? Tea party!
  5. Event

    Oh my my my!
  6. Event

    Imagine coming for FF but then stanning Courtshit, cannot relate and wouldn't want to!
  7. Event

    It's one of the best songs of her career you keep your mouth closed.
  8. Melt Away's chorus is so smooth and gorgeous.
  9. No you will save it for Looking In.
  10. The 1-2-3-4 punch of the final four tracks is heaven.
  11. Sean has been a lot more active this week at least behind the scenes so y'all will be fine.
  12. I'm going to Europe for a three-week holiday.
  13. This is probably my last FOTP activity before I leave for a few weeks.
  14. Legend SZA never looks anything less than.
  15. Joining in on the album's worst song.