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  1. Neither of those albums have good qualities though.
  2. Game

    Lady Gaga Born This Way - The Edge of Glory The Fame Monster - Alejandro The Fame - Paparazzi Lana Del Rey Ultraviolence - Cruel World Honeymoon - Terrence Loves You Lust for Life - Tomorrow Never Came Kylie Minogue Impossible Princess - Through the Years Fever - Come Into My World Body Language - Chocolate
  3. I came in expecting lukewarm water but I was served the hottest chai of my life.
  4. Debut, Emotions, Daydream, Butterfly, The Emancipation of Mimi, Me I Am Mariah, Rainbow. My apologies, there's only 7 better!
  5. The Impossible, HATEU, Betcha Gon Know and I Want to Know What Love Is are indeed gorgeous but unfortunately she has like 8 better albums.
  6. Discussion

    Two weeks until I see Lana live.
  7. I Refuse and At Your Best (You Are Love).
  8. West Coast sounds so good live.
  9. That crowd knows every damn word to National Anthem.
  10. It's cute but it just sounds like Call It What You Want/a worse version of Crowded Places.
  11. Should've known right from the start, you were gonna vote for me for best new lamb.
  12. Album

    I looooove that cover.
  13. I Was Gonna Cancel hate can CEASE.
  14. Single

    I thought the same thing RE: Gemini Feed.