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  1. Lachlan


    Did not realise that you were both different users until this moment.
  2. 9.5 because the border still irritates me. The typography is on point, it works conceptually with the album and is just visually pleasing.
  3. Lachlan


    Really? I think the best way to listen to this is as a body of work. The pre-release singles hit me nowhere as hard as they do in the context of the album.
  4. Lachlan


    Literally when did I slander it.
  5. 4. This should have been the album cover.
  6. Lachlan


    The picture on the UO version of III is gorgeous. Should've been on the digital too. https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/banks-iii-limited-lp?category=vinyl-records&color=001&type=REGULAR
  7. Lachlan


    Mer Girl Take a Bow Gone Easy Ride Falling Free Like It or Not Secret Garden I Rise Voices Act of Contrition Wash All Over Me Stay Love Makes the World Go Round Everybody
  8. Lachlan


    Couldn't name a filler if I tried.
  9. Lachlan


    Not sure why we’re all out here pretending like Goddess isn’t her best album but go off!
  10. Lachlan


  11. Lachlan


    The Fall is like the love child of 27 Hours and Trainwreck.
  12. Lachlan


    WHAT IS THE UNIVERSAL HATE FOR MUSIC'S TOO SAD WITHOUT YOU IT'S LITERALLY ONE OF THE ONLY GOOD SONGS ON MOLDEN. Anyway. Dreams Light Years After Dark Can't Beat the Feeling Fine Cosmic Time Will Pass You By Music's Too Sad Without You Burning Up Love at First Sight I Guess I Like It Like That Enjoy Yourself Rhythm of Love
  13. Lachlan


    Well the first six are correct but you really lost me at those Automatically In Love / P41 / Real Love positions.