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  1. From her chart domination and household name/pop icon status for the past 20 years. Poor US.
  2. I sound particularly awful trying to sing along to Fly Like a Bird.
  3. Discussion

    Teenage Dream is literally a perfect, timeless pop song. Should be #1.
  4. Album

    2018? What's with the wait.
  5. More Christmas albums for me to spin this December.
  6. Music Video

    This is her best video from this decade. How stunning.
  7. Discussion

    SOS is too low.
  8. Discussion

    Trouble is one of Britney's worst songs ever.
  9. Discussion

    The standard edition of Circus > standard edition of Glory However, the Glory bonus tracks are infinitely better than Circus' bar Phonography.
  10. Discussion

    I'm listening to it now more than ever and I've grown to really appreciate a majority of the album. It's still my least favourite Gaga album, but it has a bunch of gems.
  11. Celeb News

    These pics are stunning.
  12. If I see anymore people put HTFY in the last category...
  13. Other

    I thought I could organise freedom how Scandanavian of me. Listening to the tracks I missed.