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  1. Lorde has 6 with just two albums.
  2. Lachlan

  3. Lachlan

    I need to re-listen to this; it's one of my favourite albums ever.
  4. GTFO - Mariah Carey No Harm Is Done - Christine And The Queens Drugs - Charli XCX Run Away - MØ Ana - Say Lou Lou You Know - Flume Catch My Breath - Kelly Clarkson Selfish - TWENTY88 What's It Gonna Be? - Shura Close Your Eyes - Lily Allen
  5. Lachlan

    The series returns for one night only in honour of the great Mariah Carey and her latest record. Proceed with caution! --- GTFO - 9/10 An excellent track that I feel is getting lost in the excitement of the album's release. The song is sleek and modern without catering too hard to any particular trend, and her vocals find a perfect balance between being breezy and packed with attitude. I'm not entirely sure it should be the opening track, but that doesn't dampen any of it's shine! With You - 8/10 This song felt forgettable to me on my initial listen, but it's truly grown on me like a nasty rash and I'm convinced that @Venus XCX spiked my drink when he was down in Sydney a few weeks ago! This song sounds like a classic in a similar vein to We Belong Together, ignoring the fact that it didn't even scratch at the Bubbling Under. I love the Bone Thug/Breakdown lyric, we love a woman that references her back-catalogue. Those whistles towards the end of the song are definitely the tea as well. Caution - 7/10 Another really contemporary sounding cut, serving us #late #night #drive #vibes. It's not my absolute favourite from the album, but it's also not a skip by any means, and I feel as though it will grow on me as time starts SlippingAway.m4a. A No No - 8/10 Mariah has always handled samples excellently, and this Crush on You sample is no exception. The second verse on this is really great, from her university vocabulary with words like 'irregardless' to the Gilligan's Island references. She sounds like she's having fun on this one and I'll be bopping to it for a while. The Distance - 9/10 This truly deserves to be a hit. I love the contrast between the wordy verses and the simplistic chorus. Ty Dollar $ign doesn't even ruin the song with his 15 second verse and for that we are thankful. Serving gorgeous ad-libs on that final chorus, oh yes we stan this one for sure. Giving Me Life - 10/10 Mariah linking up with Blood Orange is a collaboration I never envisioned happening but I'm so glad it did because they came together to create the best song on the album. The production is immaculate but that's not surprising. The track is intimate and warm, and her lower register does wonders. The outro on this track is amazing (that last minute... whew), and something a little different for Mariah. One Mo 'Gen - 7/10 Mariah's very own Partition is here! The repeating of the 'yeah-yeah, one mo' gen' line over and over needed to be cut at the end of every chorus. Other than that, this song is pretty great; particularly that pre-chorus which is so melodically gorgeous. 8th Grade - 8/10 A great mid-tempo track all-round. The melodies are smooth and I actually found this song has been getting stuck in my head. The extended outro with the production switch-ups really lifts the song up to another level though. It's probably the Timbaland ad-libs but it vaguely reminded me of an early 00s Aaliyah-esque song. Stay Long Love You - 5/10 This song is pretty middle-of-the-road territory. There's nothing particularly memorable about it. I'm not going to skip it when listening to the whole album, but I won't be sticking it in any playlists either. Gunna doesn't add anything to the track and was entirely unnecessary. At least the chorus is catchy! Portraits - 10/10 It's rare that the final track on a Mariah album isn't a showstopper and thankfully this lives up to those expectations. The deep piano instrumentation harks back to her early ballads and those subtle strings in the latter half of the song are divine. Gorgeous melodies, gorgeous lyrics, gorgeous vocal performance. --- OVERALL - 81/100 This is a really solid album, and it appears she's one of the only legends who actually cares about releasing quality music. No shade to Kylie or Madonna of course! She manages to put her own spin on contemporary R&B and trap sounds without sounding like a blatant trend-hopper so props to her. However, anyone saying this is her best album since _______ clearly doesn't remember that Elusive Chanteuse AKA a top 5 Mariah Carey album still exists.
  6. This was a really good interview; and she was quite likeable during it. Loved hearing her thoughts behind some of the album tracks and The Roof.
  7. Lachlan

    I'm all for Caution praise but let's not slander Me. I Am (one of her best albums) at its expense.
  8. It is good. And as much as I love Kylie/Madonna it's miles better than both of their last albums.
  9. Lachlan


    This is gorgeous. We need a new album queen.
  10. Lachlan


    I would have it as mostly reworks of album tracks, and a select few singles that she didn't do during the first volume. Into the Blue Kiss Me Once A Lifetime to Repair Golden What Do I Have to Do Rhythm of Love The One X In Your Eyes Fever Too Far Impossible Princess Where Is the Feeling? Kylie Minogue Everything Is Beautiful Aphrodite Chocolate Body Language Lost Without You Golden Got to Be Certain Kylie So Now Goodbye Light Years Through the Years Impossible Princess No More Rain X
  11. Those picture discs are gorgeous. But the price...
  12. Lachlan