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  1. Lachlan

    This used to be one of my least favourites from self titled but it's hit me HARD this year and I'm in love with it.
  2. Lachlan


    This is really good! I’m gonna need more SOPHIE collabs on his next project. Daddy served.
  3. Lachlan


    Just like she has pulled out of her will to release this album!
  4. I honestly really fucking love this. It was humorous and ridiculous, but the ending made my heart warm.
  5. Lachlan


    Issa bop. Reminds me of a lot of 'Money' with the heavy key stabs though.
  6. Lachlan


    Down With the Clique is like one of the best songs of the year.
  7. Through the Years is literally one of the best songs in her entire discography.
  8. RGWIR - Roses Grow Where Iraq Rises OEYMID - Once Every Yellow Mug Is Destroyed
  9. Lachlan


    Fashion of His Love.
  10. I Was Gonna Cancel tbh.
  11. Lachlan


    This album is so, so good wtf.
  12. Lachlan


    Bop after bop.
  13. Lachlan


    No idea who this is but I'll give it a listen!
  14. Lachlan

    Not sure what you're referring to in my post.