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  1. Event

    6. The video and song make me happy.
  2. Honestly this is so cute.
  3. Fly Away vs Daydream Interlude
  4. Charts

    They're playing it on the radio so much. It's nice to have her back in people's mouths here.
  5. I gotta go btw goats just remember TEOM > E=MC2.
  6. Yes, he meant to write 8.
  7. Australia still wins.
  8. I know your taste can be questionable but at least you compensate for it with Glitter and Harmbracelet slander.
  9. Same! Australia always wins.
  10. Okay but seriously the second half of this album is only a bit better than average except OOC and I Wish You Well and is the reason it isn't anywhere near being a top Mariah album.
  11. There is nothing of quality on there don't shove that thing in my face.
  12. Btw where is Mariah's 80s/disco/house album because Meteorite, I'm That Chick, Fly Away, Sent From Up Above, Daydream interlude, etc are all career highlights.
  13. I'm That Chick's production is so slick and polished it's annoying that songs with dated production cough Side Effects exist on the same album.
  14. I'M THAT CHICK WIG MIGRATED SOUTH FOR THE WINTER. An actual great song on this album.
  15. Literally like 10 other songs on the album disagree.