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  1. Lachlan


    ...I actually laughed at both of you ranking Sex for Breakfast at the bottom. Chile the lack of taste!
  2. Lachlan here

    She really snapped on this one huh! oprah13


  3. Lachlan

    Invitation vs Maria Make Me vs Sick of Sittin' Private Show vs Fall In Line Man on the Moon vs Right Moves Just Luv Me vs Like I Do Clumsy vs Deserve Do You Wanna Come Over? vs Twice Slumber Party vs Accelerate Just Like Me vs Pipe Love Me Down vs Masochist Hard to Forget Ya vs Unless It's With You
  4. Okay but where's Impossible Princess bitch we already have this one.
  5. Lachlan


    That album cover is gorgeous, and Missing U is amazing. Perched for this.
  6. Lachlan


    I can't believe she put One Last Piss on the setlist instead of Music's Too Sad Without You or Love.
  7. Lachlan

    Music Video

    What kind of ABBA x Urban Outfitters crossover?
  8. I was just going to say this! I see 'bad attempt at being artsy' being thrown around a lot considering some of the people in their avis and last.fm accounts.
  9. I really, really love this. I don't even care about it's length give me overindulgent no-fucks-given tracks queen.
  10. Lachlan


    Ctrl deluxe better actually be a thing.
  11. Lachlan


    Thank god Tonya is on this.
  12. Lachlan


    Legend A! Can't wait to receive it in 4 months!
  13. Omg this is so good! Serving me folk-Ultraviolence and I'm here for it.