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  1. Replay Sine from Above Enigma Babylon Rain on Me
  2. Teenage Dream is the best and Roar is by far the worst.
  3. All The Lovers vs Into The Blue (this one was quite even though) Get Outta My Way vs Million Miles Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love) vs I Was Gonna Cancel (fight me) Closer vs Sexy Love Everything Is Beautiful vs Sexercize Aphrodite vs Feels So Good Illusion vs If Only Better Than Today vs Les Sex Too Much vs Kiss Me Once Cupid Boy vs Beautiful Looking For An Angel vs Fine Can't Beat The Feeling vs Mr. President Heartstrings vs Sleeping With The Enemy Mighty Rivers vs Sparks Go Hard Or Go Home vs Golden Boy Aphrodite (9) > Kiss Me Once (6)
  4. needy is clearly the best song here you guys are actually tasteless. needy > Dangerous Woman > 34+35 > Blazed > Problem > Baby I
  5. Best: State of Grace or the 1 Worst: IFTYE
  6. I am confident that the reason she's back in Oz to film it. I'm gonna need an entire Kylie themed episode.
  7. Right Where You Left Me is so god damn beautiful it would have to be my fave. The other two are pretty equal.
  8. It's super underrated but it ain't top 3 material.
  9. Verses go hard as fuck but the chorus is a bit disappointing.
  10. Fever Aphrodite DISCO Kylie Golden Enjoy Yourself
  11. Plastic Hearts is really good. Surprised Angels Like You isn't a part of your highlights though.