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    Replay, Babylon, Enigma and Sine From Above are some of her best songs ever and this album (except Free Woman) is a total snatch.
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    Sine From Above Enigma Babylon Replay
  3. Literally her best song since ARTPOP I'll be taking no further questions.
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    Half of Britney Jean - exceptions being Alien, Work Bitch, Body Ache, Passenger, Don't Cry, Hold on Tight I also am not that fond of I Got That Boom Boom.
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    That Zendaya Cinderella outfit was pretty atrocious.
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    Ray of Light Erotica Music Confessions on a Dance Floor Bedtime Stories American Life Like a Prayer Madame X MDNA Rebel Heart Hard Candy True Blue Like a Virgin Madonna
  7. Lachlan

    Music Video

    The way the video fucking SUCKS. I still love the song though.
  8. Lachlan

    I know the entirety of On the 6 + the hits.
  9. Lachlan

    She's a pretty shit performer so no.
  10. Lachlan

    They both did fantastic and there's no reason to compare two great performers.
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    Government Hooker, Scheisse and HML would've been the most colossal flops of all time. I agree that MTN needed a better moment to shine though.
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    Just smile and stream You Should Be Sad y'all.
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    Dua Lipa has just released the first song. Congratulations Dua!
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    That cover is such a fucking serve and so is Physical.
  15. An excellent song from her best album.
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    Do you seriously not have anything else to do?
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    Shit on arrival.