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  1. Discussion

    I cant choose so heres my top 5 Thinking of You Waking Up in Vegas Hummingbird Heartbeat THe one that got away (acoustic ONLY) Teenage dream
  2. Event

    I got standing tickets for the opening night
  3. Yes oprah1 Beyonce tickets

  4. Discussion

    I know you heaux are forgetting her Non album tracks
  5. Discussion

    I wouldn't even put it in the top 5
  6. Rumor

    I've seen a tweet flying around that xtina will be next week' musical guest I can't find it as I'm at work lmao they won' announce it until tomorrow. This could be HUGE
  7. What do you think? Obviously i would love to see her touring but us it realistic?
  8. Rumor

    Ok so firstly they NEVER would list a feature on an upcoming album as TBD. To be determined? Really? It' a few weeks away. Secondly why would they have all the songs on YouTube any way?
  9. Event

    Literally pissed and shit myself
  10. haha, I love that episode of Cribs. Whatever happened to that show?

    1. Emperor Nick

      They need  a reboot!

    2. Chantoya Jo Jackson

      Right? But I fear that it'll just be another TRL reboot mess. Nothing but mostly C-List celebrities and then getting cancelled lol

  11. Xtina what are you doing in the 10th year of your career on a c-list game show in turkey
  12. or head
  13. Yet that was a huge disaster 😂