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  1. Emperor Nick

    Celeb News

    Give that pussy a rest hun
  2. Emperor Nick

    Who the legit fuck cares about the human scribble that is post maLAME He is fucking garbage and so is 90% of the rap category atm
  3. Emperor Nick

    Well the queen has two birthdays so its only natural for beyonce to have the same
  4. I mean, of course the supreme gay icon was going to smash with a song that has been smashing for 40 years that's tied in as a "somewhat" soundtrack to one of the biggest movies of the year that is a sequel to one of the biggest selling movicals of all time So yeah xox
  5. Emperor Nick

    They will never understand that a number 1 in 2018 is fucking pointless anyway
  6. Emperor Nick

    I think all monsters should be quiet until its actually debuted. Lets not forget how Fall In Line hit number 1 for a couple of days and was top 10/20 for over a week and it didnt even chart
  7. Emperor Nick


    Well she absolutely scalps last night. She's back to her 2008 vocals atleast
  8. I think the difference is Madonna only ever acted as a hobby and a small side project to her monumental career, this is all gaga has right now. Without taking that away from her because it will be epic but yeah, seems rather pointless comparison
  9. Wow what a downgrade for Coachella after beyonce
  10. Emperor Nick


    It's a whole album I think
  11. Emperor Nick


    Literally who is checking for him anymore. I haven't heard any of his music since fade and the only comments I hear are people saying how he's gone off the deep end
  12. Emperor Nick

    Can I just say on behalf of xtina fans that no one supports him or his threads? Her show was epic and everything I wanted from her. She looked awesome and sang better than she has in years. Not once did any of us try and compare her small arena tour to the likes of Madonna or beyonce
  13. Was it necessary for him to comment at all? Like why?