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  1. Emperor Nick

    She's a very stylised singer. Nothing more to add. She is good at what she does, will we see her doing Broadway or branching out to other genres, projects etc very unlikely...
  2. Achoo achoo it's all from you Every single flu
  3. Black plague White shirt Walked into my shack you know you make my boils burst
  4. Sweating in the backyard Got a case of bad SARS spluttering my name
  5. Emperor Nick


    Those drugs really fucked his brain up if he thinks he can sell out the stadiums, especially when he looks like he sleeps outside them
  6. Emperor Nick

    I know this is gay sacrilege but I don't know who asked for Diana Ross to return
  7. Emperor Nick

    Apparently there is "phenomenal demand" Their catalogue hasn't aged well at all
  8. Emperor Nick


    Thank fuck, looks 100% better
  9. We're talking about aging fan bases like the little monsters aren't balding f@gs with septum piercings, busting their hip out at circuit parties
  10. Emperor Nick

    I mean, idk what you want to hear she's a legend, her catalogue is not as remembered as her peers
  11. Emperor Nick