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  1. Discussion Was Madonna's DAD a good Bond song?

    Its one of the best tbh, just a shame the film was terrible
  2. Mariah goes top #5 in UK - Madonna hasn't had a #5 there in 8 years

    Shes got 13 and 12 number 1 albums and mariah has 2
  3. Mariah goes top #5 in UK - Madonna hasn't had a #5 there in 8 years

    In in 27 years she's only had 1 solo UK number 1!
  4. Felonie Martinez story fake?

    Yawn-Not surprised you would comment then
  5. Felonie Martinez story fake?

    https://twitter.com/timethyheller/status/931409549298352128?s=17 This whole thing started from this tweet... which is already full of lies because the general public couldn' give 2 fucks about felonie secondly this girl has retweeted every article written about her and (from what little a know about her) released music off the back of the publicity... I fucking hate both if them and I'm not one to victim shame or forgive predators but blatant attention seeking remains blatant
  6. Celeb News Sam Smith: "I'm a dick monster"

    I hope he fucking chokes on one and we don't have to hear his voice it see his abnormally large face again
  7. Celeb News Demi Lovato calls Time magazine "hypocrites"

    Its a shame because for anyone that didn't know "person of the year" does sound like an award for the best person of the year, also by judging trumps reactions and lies about being asked to be the poty shows that even the president doesnt nderstand what it means lol
  8. LGBT If you like Lady Gaga, you are likely gay, says Facebook

    Ahahahahha fuck me ha
  9. Celeb News Paris Hilton : 11 years ago me & Britney invented the selfie!

    Ap 100 times
  10. I hate this group, however.

    Oh is kpop still a thing
  11. Discussion Why is this her magnum opus ??

    Who told you that? They were lying I wouldn' even put it top 5
  12. Discussion RUMOR:something bad happened before her tribute

    Sorry I didn't see it
  13. Discussion RUMOR:something bad happened before her tribute

    I'm on Instagram and the xtina fan pages are sharing a conversation someone was having and apparently something bad happened to xtina 5 minutes before she went on and they were surprised she was able to perform the way she did
  14. Discussion Disappointing Debut Albums in Pop Music

    I want to say Christinas debut was fairly basic. I know it' the album that has all her biggest hits on but take those away and it's this bland mix of pop rnb midtempo songs about virginity and trust like