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  1. Emperor Nick

    How weird I'm literally watching two towers rn She's Miranda otto and it's from sabrina!
  2. Emperor Nick


    For the most part I would agree, although sticky should be a bit higher as its such an incredibly paced show, and possibly one of the last big tours she will ever do.
  3. If any of you think Mariah is in danger of being replaced as Queen of Christmas I worry about your mental health
  4. Thought this would be an interesting question! So far I've seen 4! Kylie, Lana, Gaga and Beyonce And tomorrow it will be 5 as I'm seeing Christina Fucking Aguilera
  5. Emperor Nick


    I'm going to the London date
  6. Emperor Nick

    I mean, gross that Drake stays at the top so long But damn, Madonna KILLING IT and kii at the moment erotica gets released she falls hard.
  7. Emperor Nick


    I think it was a poster, hat, t-shirt etc. No tour book unfortunately
  8. Emperor Nick

    I died
  9. Emperor Nick


    Burn it with fire
  10. Wow, not a single thing going right for her. The only good thing coming from this is the inevitable divorce will provide us with some truly angry energetic nicki tracks
  11. Emperor Nick


    Let's hope for a quick preorder delivery then
  12. What's worse than the UK media attacking her from a clouded racist perspective, is that anyone I ask why they don't like her genuinely has no answer other than they have "bad vibes" or some bs, which means they have been conditioned by the media and or racist themselves. So sad. Hate the UK sometimes
  13. Emperor Nick


    You never know she had Joanne... LG6-Adele LG7- Karen LG8-Muriel Etc Etc
  14. Emperor Nick


    She better fucking not call the album Adele. Anyways, I could see a single release this fortnight. Katy pushed her single release forward as apparently there is a big artist comeback coming
  15. Emperor Nick


    I did a video for Beyonce tour dvd which never materialised so let's not get carried away