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  1. Stop trying to make Charlie sfx happen, she is never going to happen
  2. Emperor Nick


    I don't own any but I really hope this isn't the case
  3. Emperor Nick


    I rise as the close? Idts
  4. Emperor Nick

    I see a lot of people comparing her and Taylor here Lbr Taylor has continuously pandered to radio and generic pop for her relevancy. She has never once (until recently) stuck her neck out for political or social issues. She has a predominantly middle class white audience who can ultimately choose whether to listen to mind numbing generic mediocrity or actually listen to music with depth. Beyonce has spent the last 8 or so years being very much a black artist, tackling issues, making music about and for her blackness and community. She has at length, created art based around injustice and infidelity, which is something radio won't touch for a "run of the mill" playlist. Her success is a triumph when you take this into consideration and her homecoming set is going to go down in history as one of the greatest performances of all time. She's far from done and anyone who thinks so is purely kidding themselves
  5. Emperor Nick

    This gift was a side project of a side project. I'm a Beyonce Stan and I've barely listened to it.
  6. A 2020 version of reflection would kill me
  7. Emperor Nick


    Is the movie going to be to scale? Isn't he like 4ft 5
  8. I was in the winter of my life, and the gays I met along the road were my only boyfriends
  9. Why ask questions you already know the answer to
  10. Emperor Nick

    Britney has definitely had a NJ!
  11. Emperor Nick

    screaming at the obvious favouritism however, isnt it sad that they all seem to have had work done? The only ones who look remotely untouched are Kylie, Rihanna and ironically Lana (based on the pic) Literally everyone seems to have had anose job
  12. Honestly, one of the greatest tours by a fotp fave. Dynamic, iconic, triumphant and career defining.... From the costumes, the setlist, the remixes, the staging, the choreo, the amount of dates...this tour is easily one of the best things she has ever done and we are unlikely to see something of this scale from Ms Spears again, atleast for a very long time. Lets break this down. She embarked on a brand new era with a number 1 hit single and album less than 12 months after being hospitalized under psychiatric order...and launched a world tour less than 15 months after the incident. 97 Shows, 98% sellout, $131m gross... remarkable. We need to talk about SEVERAL moments THAT ENTRANCE.... Decending into a stage IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ARENA (very hard to do a circle stage) she launched into Circus with this iconic jacket and lioness head piece (we try to forget the bachelorette style cowboy hat from the london shows) She gets dragged around the stage in a fucking cage, performing tricks and stunts no other girls were doing at that time She then did one of my favorites, RADAR, which the choreo still slays me GImme more should have been performed but lets forgive that considering it was rumored to be hard for her to perform following the VMA incident... MAGIC! FUCKING MAGIC! This gorgeous photo I cant even list all the insane things from this tour.... Get naked, breathe on me photo frames, AERIAL ACROBATICS! Slave for you remix, metal costume, the Womanizer fireworks.... THE BLOOPERS THE FUCKING INTERLUDE The intro (not giving perez airtime so youtube that on your own if you must) and of course.....this moment that shocked EVERY stan alive Im still not over this show....