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  1. Emperor Nick

    Idk she seems to be all over the news today and nicki is nowhere to be found
  2. Omg do u know what you are actually right myself and the other millions of people are absolutely wrong! I can't believe it took you to tell me it's shit for me to realise
  3. Emperor Nick

    Funny how the second she hits the top spot these girls try to bring her down... If she is as basic as you all "say she is" why are you threatened? Ny12
  4. Emperor Nick

    I would say that entire charity concert she organised and headlined in Manchester was pretty iconic. So much so she was awarded an honorary citizenship
  5. Emperor Nick

    Celeb News

    What the fuck is a princess Nokia? Is there a queen Siemens and a dame Sony erikkson?
  6. Emperor Nick

    The video is fucking pink- what is she appropriating Mr fucking blobby?
  7. Emperor Nick


    I think she will attend and if she's performing it will be a tribute to someone
  8. Emperor Nick

    Celeb News

    Where Is The Music
  9. Everyone tbh. She was sweet and innocent so was a suitable role model for anyone 18 and under (I was 5 oprah1) this also meant mothers felt comfortable supporting her. Men also loved her because she was total jailbait dressing very provocatively yet claiming she was a virgin... And of course the gays liked her because she breathed
  10. Emperor Nick

    Celeb News

    Fuck yes queen. Also happy this version is charting
  11. Emperor Nick

    Cardi is that particular nights headliner at the largest rodeo in the world. This shit sells out every year and has a good 2 + hours of bull riding and incest before hand But slay
  12. Emperor Nick


    It's a shame because i love the song. It's a good thing for her to do
  13. Emperor Nick


    Rip... Did the xtina version go too?
  14. Emperor Nick


    Welp I guess nicki really is over
  15. I died watching this it was probably the best moment of that year