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  1. Emperor Nick

    Um sweetie Lourdes is about 20, of course she left
  2. Emperor Nick

    I feel like gaga is more of a versatile writer, Mariah hasn't written a relatable song in 15 years
  3. Emperor Nick


    -Rebel heart and that album cover are the worst thing she has ever done. The whole era is embarassing. -MDNA was a good album and the tour was epic -sticky and sweet tour was cringe worthy. The costumes, the wig with bangs, the concepts....the only thing that saves it is the music arrangement -I'm breathless is one of her best albums after the AL, M, ROL trilogy -the reinvention tour will always be her greatest and is criminally underrated.
  4. Emperor Nick


    Tbh everyone is doing it now days. If it was 3 years ago everyone would be going mad
  5. I'm happy for her and all of you but these numbers seem....just ridiculous no? No one, not even the biggest touring acts have ever made those numbers from those dates
  6. Emperor Nick


    Pretty much confirms he is goin to come out wednesdy
  7. Emperor Nick

    I cannot believe that in 2018 someone is using AOL as a receipt. Is this 2005 idts
  8. Emperor Nick


    Poor demi she looked like she forgot er words Good performance tho xtinas voice was awesome x
  9. Emperor Nick


    I cant find anything about xnda so I think it is a code
  10. Emperor Nick


    I cant find anything about xnda so I think it is a code
  11. I mean whouisa is a flop but this song should have smashed. One of the best this year https://youtu.be/O02MnrL_wrc
  12. Emperor Nick

    I feel like the opinions of critics, historians, graduates, writers, journalists and everyone else to have more weight than this thread. So thank you for letting us know but I will continue to listen to the overwhelming studies, reports and facts about how revolutionary Madonna and erotica are