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  1. Emperor Nick

    Ironically, we do not need rappers like her, contrary to her belief
  2. Emperor Nick


    Can't help but wonder if you would've been so sorry had you not been exposed
  3. I'm so here for this album but cher sounds like her necki menij character here
  4. Emperor Nick


  5. I mean what a shady list, I love it...But what an irrelevant random list
  6. I'm just reading her comments in the xtine voice lmao
  7. Emperor Nick

    Post your ww charts- crazy in love is one of the biggest songs of the century and you hear it every night in clubs in the UK. Cgyoomh is legendary but does not garner the same reaction. It's possibly less popular than some of Beyonce other songs
  8. You can tell these were super early in the process. I'm hearing mid90s madonna
  9. Emperor Nick

    It needs to be xtina
  10. Emperor Nick


    Did she cancel it? I was under the impression the gays did
  11. Dead2 at anyone believing that she as a person is worth 900m. Maybe the cosmetics company but her as a person-nope
  12. No hits left to try.....I'm fucking dying
  13. Emperor Nick

    My parents are from Surrey but I relish in your shade
  14. Emperor Nick

    No wonder you seem amazed at the concept of wide genealogy, considering these threads it seems yours is....limited
  15. Emperor Nick

    This song is terrible but shes hot