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  1. Beyonce is the legit opposite of over exposure... This fucking film however, is over exposure
  2. Emperor Nick

    No. She's like bebe rhexa
  3. Emperor Nick

    Naked.... Nothing but loreal revitalift on her faceeee
  4. Emperor Nick

    Ignoring forever and bsides yes they did last time lover was never performed
  5. Emperor Nick

    Right so there are two factors here. 1)the spice girls only released 2.5 albums (I'm not counting forever as a full album as it was kinda abandoned despite being a flawless record. Rip) Every single song was fucking epic. There is not a single song in their 90s releases that wasn't perfection. They performed all but 1 song of their discography which shows how solid their efforts were and the fact that their recent smash tour was about 45/50%album tracks proved that. 2)you can't have any discussion about their music or compare them with GA without talking about their global impact. They were bigger and better in every single way. And their success and discography go hand in hand GA had some amazing tracks but their albums had a lot of filler and their writing credits speak for themselves. You didn't need to compare them at all. A more realistic reach would've been a GA. Vs LM thread
  6. I think that's incredibly shitty... By nature everyone who pays to attend a festival (which I presume is black culture) is there celebrating, investing and contributing to Black artists and culture which is surely a good thing?
  7. Can you honestly fuck off. Not a single one of us likes your posts or agrees with you. You make all of us xtina stans look stupid and delusional and we have to suffer the pointless drags all because you can't stfu. Go to xred
  8. Emperor Nick


    She slayed at eden
  9. Emperor Nick

    Oh britters
  10. Emperor Nick


    As a fan its iconic but when she's performing a gh show (that's effectively what it is) then that song has no place and should be opened up for one of her hits
  11. Emperor Nick

    Omg The Honest Vocal Coach just liked my post
  12. Otr is the product of straights and their lack of taste
  13. Emperor Nick


    Yes girl post the lot
  14. Emperor Nick


    I'm in Cornwall we had a monsoon on Friday but today is gorgeous
  15. So the sun is shining in the UK, finally, and I'm craving that summer music but have of course overplayed all my staples What songs do you have in your sunny day playlist?