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  1. Emperor Nick


    Levitating will surely follow
  2. Emperor Nick

    I am actually fuming. Dua deserves this number one. Its been all about her album, every review, saying its the best album of the year and the first AOTY contender... Yet here we are 5 Seconds of Scammer still getting sales
  3. Emperor Nick

    It's very narcissistic and self indulgent. Sonically very impressive but the lyrics could have been a bit more....
  4. Oh god so many Patty and selma Moleman Martin Ralph Cheif wiggum Snithers and burns This is a really hard question!
  5. Emperor Nick


    It's the way my legs feel Spinning chairs all around
  6. Emperor Nick


    Steps are everything, unless you're in a wheelchair
  7. Emperor Nick


    It's surprisingly really good Their new album is a bop but have a listen to what life was like in 2000
  8. So the world as we know it is going down in flames, so what have you been listening to? What is the soundtrack to your Mad max 2020? Well I've been diving into Steps' back catalogue. If you haven't heard of them outside the UK, just think early 00s version of ABBA. Their songs were infectious (hi rona) and they made a huge comeback. Definitely one of my favourite groups of all time, and let's take a second to note THE FASHION STEPS BUZZ
  9. So absolute chaos in my work rn oprah1


    1. LÉON

      You should have stayed at Tesco katy2

    2. Emperor Nick

      Don't even go there

  10. Emperor Nick


    People sleep on her so much
  11. He's a fucking leech and I despise him
  12. I literally couldn't give a shit about the viruses, I want to see the pcd
  13. So we are panicking about the pussycat dolls cancelling their tour, instead they post this dead2