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    You never know she had Joanne... LG6-Adele LG7- Karen LG8-Muriel Etc Etc
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    She better fucking not call the album Adele. Anyways, I could see a single release this fortnight. Katy pushed her single release forward as apparently there is a big artist comeback coming
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    I did a video for Beyonce tour dvd which never materialised so let's not get carried away
  4. One of the stupidest lawsuits ever and the fact it was passed... Hun wtf
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    First album I had was Baby One More Time and its still one of my all time favorites. I have it in the car right now after years of not hearing it and it's actually fucking amazing! There's so many albums I love it's impossible to name them
  6. Emperor Nick

    Well critically and hit wise xtina was the it pop girl 1999-2001, or one of the it girls atleast. She was successfully touring, had a successful album, 4 no. 1 singles, fashion icon, vocal prodigy etc. Even when she went dirty she was an IT girl. Every night out I go on you hear dirty in some capacity. Her commercial decline doesn't reflect on her peak which was brilliant tbh
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    Let's be real here.... SWEET DREAMS FUCKING SLAPS and is never given the justice it deserves. The only time she performed it was at the I am yours residency which was a slowed down version. I think she performed it as part of the I am tour but it was cut from the dvd... Like girl wyd
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    Her kids really don't want to be there lmao
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    Mdna and RIT> the rest > > > >sticky and gross
  10. Not some rando with Gwen Stefani as a username of all people coming for someone's free falling singles and Vegas show...
  11. Sorry to be controversial but face tattoos are 9 time out of 10 ATROCIOUS. I always attribute that to the fact your face is the gateway to your soul with emotions and expressions, and if you have something tattooed on your face-that is the only thing your face will say at the end of the day. I'm so tired of this man being allowed to act irrational, be a drug user etc. I don't know why his family haven't stepped in or why he hasn't been sent to rehab
  12. She said in her Clarkson interview she is a journal girl so one day hunties it will be fire
  13. Reportedly he was horrible about her weight and said he wasn't attracted to her anymore, there's a few videos made recently about it
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    Celeb News

    Truly fucking gross
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    Please someone pm me
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    Out of the tickets sold she sold out, the 02 holds 20k but some shows have a 16k audience etc. Either way, a sold out show for an artist who hasn't toured in 14 years is remarkable
  17. You best believe I ordered the t-shirt bundle babies
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    Celeb News

    Isn't he supe rold and ill tho? Is he not.... Near the end
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    Oh my fucking gid
  20. Stop trying to make Charlie sfx happen, she is never going to happen
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    I don't own any but I really hope this isn't the case
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    I rise as the close? Idts