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  1. I asked what happened to kimono girl, did you want to release other singles and if you could go back would you do the tour
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    OK my thoughts... 1)perfect pop album save a few lazy songs that aren't exactly "awful" but don't bring anything to the table ie drop dead, seal it with a kiss, big fat bass 2)the tour was kick ass, Britney was not. Had she had the energy of POM v2 it would've been legendary rather than her just going through the motions 3)that album art was awful 4)if her team just sorted out her damn meds she would've been able to enjoy the era, I feel like she possibly didn't feel comfortable throughout any of it
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    Girl, we're all in lockdown, you have nothing else to do Listen to them start to finish
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    Vocals from 1999, moves from the old folks home
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    1-West Coast 2-Ride 3-High by the beach 4-Video Games 5-Mariners 6-Love
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    Atleast bey can do the classic choreography
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    "when you wanna smash, I'll just write another one" Beyonce certainly doesn't need the charts, nor does she give a flying fuck about his singles. She's reinvented the album release strategy, created ART, toured STADIUMS and sold millions of albums But I dont need to tell you what she's been doing, her chart history or impact because you seem to be fully aware and we can see it makes you seethe All of our faves play to their strengths, which is why Beyonce has been recording an album and Britney has retired
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    One of the boys remains her best album
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    I despised it when I first heard it... Now its one of my top gaga songs
  10. How incredible is this???
  11. It's lyrically better than a lot of bionic songs
  12. I see people constantly dismissing this song as a weak single, a poor dance track, one of the worst on bionic and I can't help but think... Why? Ignoring the charts/sales do you really think it's worth the criticism? The video is incredible, one of her best visually. She served choreo and incredible vocals. The production is way higher than anything on lotus and the track is full of drama This song may sound very "late 00s" but as a single I think it is very underrated
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    Um, I will NEVER understand the fascination with Prima Donna. Its dated and clunky and I don't like how she attacks every line. Not myself tonight is better and deserved better Also shame on you for putting prima donut before birds of slay
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    It's a toss up between the circus tour and piece of me part 1
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    Why are your standards of threads so low?
  16. The fallon years were some of the most painfully unfunny in the shows history
  17. Me against the music was redundant upon impact. The fact it was never performed live by them both shows what little faith they had in the product. It also was awkward to watch Britney performing it with madonnas vocals playing. I jammed to it when I was 10 Rain on me however, has taken this grown man and turned him into a teenage pop Stan again and I am here for it
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    Music Video

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    Music Video

    I never said that particular set. They could've shot it in front of any city lol
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    Her post was a mess, but I think a lot of basic bitches are missing the point. The point she was making is that these women are showing women can be anything, do anything, except explore the themes that are relevant to lana and are low-key very common themes for women over the world. Should she have made that post? No Was she as eloquent and intelligent as she is normally? Hell no Is she entitled to her opinion? Absolutely
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    While I appreciate how much of a big dick energy move this is.... This photo should not be shown ever. What is she even doing to her legacy
  22. I was like FINALLY a thread for my faves but then I realised any one hit wonders I Stan, I purely Stan their one hit