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  1. Britney fans on twitter a fucking feral

  2. Controversial opinion... The girl who played Britney in the lifetime movie was actually really good, it was just the script that let her down. She had the mannerisms and the voice down perfectly

  3. There is no point in me filling that out. The reinvention tour was one of the greatest moments of her career
  4. Can't get you out if my head is a better song and I think it has gained popularity since its release Believe was much bigger but its not aged as well or as favourably
  5. Why would men put their face son album covers? How could we distinguish between endless mediocre white men
  6. James Charles is the epitome of trash. I hope he gets cancelled for good this time
  7. I hope and pray that this will be a smash. If her editing flops I will officially boycott her biopic 🤣
  8. Right, let's be frank Until Erotica there were no other female competitors in her rear view mirror. She has worldwide charts, sales and touring success and no other female has managed to match that until the 00s. The only person who stood out ahead of her was MJ
  9. Thank you for sharing But it's time for you to leave, your uber pool driver Alejandro (2.5stars) is 2 stops away xox