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  1. Europe is a fucking mess and macron should be gone. Throwing his toys out the pram and pointing fingers when he should be removed for his own negligence towards his people. Given his country consumes more tobacco, wine and saturated fat than most countries he has a nerve to suspend a vaccine because of a handful of blood clots Regardless of this tho, the vaccine roll outs should have focused on younger people not older people. Our industries would have been recovered by now if the people that actually spend their money were allowed to
  2. I've not no I got the vinyl of liberation from there and it took a normal amount of time
  3. Happy for her but little mix have given me such spice girls vibes, member leaves, band continues but someone's pregnant 😂
  4. Let. It. Go. This is getting beyond embarrassing for him given no one gives a flying fuck about the Grammys but him
  5. Apparently there was no mental health medical report attached to the original file The only time I recall her not remembering something was in the bj doc when she was looking at 06/07 photoshoot....
  6. Dead at anyone thinking those BEP songs are forgotten. You've obviously never listened to local radio
  7. Steps Gold Tour I was in awe and a few days later they split, right after saying they weren't going to split up Interesting for anyone who doesn't know them. Two members quit right before this show and they all went on and performed as if nothing had happened If u were a kid in the UK at this time, steps were just the best