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  1. Does anyone ever get so incredibly tired and frustrated with their workplace that it becomes a daily dread going in.... 

    1. Urbanov

      I do sometimes but I work there for 3 years so yeah dead1 

    2. Chris Morlock

      me when i was in high school dead1 

  2. Villanelle

    I find it hard to see anyone saying they don't get how any of it relates to the song... When the video is related to emergency services It's stunning and I'm so proud of her.
  3. Mine would definitely be Madonnas English Roses era... I mean wtf
  4. Villanelle


    She has really delivered with this album, so glad I preordered
  5. Not thought about her in years and years
  6. I'm NOT here for her being writer and director. This will turn to a vanity project rather than a celebration. Still I will watch the fuck out of this
  7. Villanelle


    Opening is that bitch
  8. Villanelle

    She will be a successful function singer
  9. Villanelle

    I'm wondering if she's going to drop xtina in her Memoirs
  10. I ant fucking wait for the meltdowns
  11. I love her and the fact she speaks out, but she does need to have some help
  12. Villanelle


    The only show I pushed through and it didn't both me was Marianne on Netflix
  13. Villanelle

    In all honesty, he is psychotic and I think people are afraid to help him. He's the one that needs a conservatoship not britney
  14. Villanelle

    That body Also, fuck anyone who says it's cultural appropriation