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  1. I've just come to rediscover this song and quite frankly, it's underrated among the community. Composition is perfectly 80s and the lyrics are incredibly sensual and accurate for describing the encounter. I hope she uses it on the tour
  2. It should've smashed, easily my top 10 songs from her
  3. I don't think so, I think she's severely narcissistic, brought on by an unsettled childhood and unresolved trauma from her mother.
  4. I wouldn't really call this teasing, she literally says she's going on tour lmao
  5. In all honestly I think she had complications to do with the miscarriage and she's having some reprocussions from that. I think mentally she is OK just processing trauma
  6. The grills need to remain in....well, what year were they in fashion? Theyve always been awful
  7. Tbh I'm looking forward to nicki performing, getting questioned, and then having an absolute car crash of a PR scandal
  8. There's 3 things going on here 1) the hate that was piled on him and continues to be piled on hi. 2) the people in his life that have encouraged and enabled him to be as delusional and insufferable 3) self destruction. He has no self awareness and I think the backlash over his comments has really given him a sharp awakening to reality. Either way he's a very talented guy who needs help
  9. So I love the music but the artwork is giving me victorian grave...
  10. Gwen needs direction. Her first two albums were bangers because she actually had a sound and something to talk about. She's incredibly out of touch
  11. Watch her reverse the energy crisis because they started the entire thing to win votes