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  1. Villanelle

    I mean, Madonna did go through serious surgery
  2. He looks like a melted turd on a radiator
  3. Villanelle

    Would've been a great opportunity to come out
  4. Can we please talk about how insane this acoustic version is? Our faves WISH they could do this
  5. While the sugababes are the underrated queen's of the music industry, these are reaches. The only one that I can take seriously is overload because that did make it to the courts
  6. Villanelle


    That riff alone ends careers
  7. Villanelle


    I still can't get over this being 15 I remember the release of hung up, I heard it in the car on the way back from London and the dj said she was having a come back after flopping She was everywhere, we got the album and listened to it back to back. I just wish her tour wasn't so expensive because my dad wouldn't get tickets
  8. Probably very specific to me because these aren't my go to songs, but la isla bonita into lucky star from the confessions tour is a MASTERCLASS in live performance. The energy, the mix, the choreo
  9. Screaming at how good this is
  10. Sam Smith has always been insufferable as a person. No matter what music they put out. I think the original package of 'male adele' that was wheeled out in her off season was extremely marketable and relatable. But sadly since coming out, Sam seems to be lost in an identity crisis (not gender) and they don't seem to entirely do anything well.
  11. I have respect for Ed. He is a marketing genius and knows that his songs speak directly to middle aged women with dry pussies
  12. Villanelle

    I fucking hate straights
  13. Villanelle

    Girl this isn't a circle jerk, did you read the title? Thanks for proving my post valid