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  1. Bionikal


    Not shading but where's the whistling note? I love her adlibs on it! I heard her on Witness last year she was phonemically Here's what an actual whistle note sounds:
  2. Bionikal

    I feel bad for her.. I like her music, rap is generally not my thing but I like her stuff.
  3. I was very young back in the debut and Stripped era... and in Jordan, even though there wasn't social media/internet, but Christina Aguilera was everywhere on radios and magazines like Top of the Pops... and her popularity exploded even more in the Middle East after being one of the first artists to go for a concert in the UAE (Abu Dhabi) during her Back to Basics Live Under Tour. Until now even though the GP are not aware of her recent music (Bionic - Lotus - Liberation) but she is still more favored above other pop artists; since everyone love her vocals AND Burlesque... some don't even know that she has gained weight
  4. I was out all day and missed this The results are shocking! I love RIGHT MOVES but how does it beat Maria OR Deserve... I see some tastelessness here.
  5. That one exactly is a mess.
  6. She should've listened harder... the quality of stuff she puts out needs some work
  7. Bionikal


    Tattoos make the skin look hotter tbh
  8. Bionikal


    This is gonna take a lot of time I love all of them
  9. Bionikal


    Makes Me Wanna Pray - 40 Back In The Day - 31 Ain't No Other Man - 30 Understand - 135 Slow Down Baby - 30 Oh Mother - 30 Without You - 30 Still Dirrty - 60 Here To Stay - 35 Candyman - 30 Nasty Naughty Boy - 30 I Got Trouble - 10 Hurt - 64 Mercy On Me - 40 The Right Man - 30
  10. Bionikal


    I would've voted Fighter but I mean Walk Away is surely the winner here.
  11. Bionikal

    There's a Sober by P!nk... But Demi definitely.