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  1. Game Britney Spears +/- Game Femme Fatale out

    Britney: 20 In The Zone: 70 (+) Blackout: 50 Circus: 25 (-) Femme Fatale: 50 Glory: 55
  2. Discussion Should "Love me down" be a single?

    I think I'm the only person who thinks Love Me Down is overrated af. Yes, it's a good song but it's not single worthy. I think Change Your Mind could be a better single and its video could be a great addition to Brit's videography.
  3. Condense Glory into an EP

    1. Mood Ring 2. Make Me 3. Private Show 4. DYWCO 5. Slumber Party 6. Change your Mind 7. Better
  4. Single Slumber Party Ft Tinashe is now on Itunes

    Apple Music! They deleted the original version and added the remix to the deluxe version of Glory.
  5. Single Slumber Party Ft Tinashe is now on Itunes

    I love how they compliment each other's vocals. This was a good idea! Maybe I'm biased because I love both, Britney and Tinashe but this remix is really good! I just wish Tinashe would have added a new verse.
  6. Single Tinashe Confirms Slumber Party Remix

    Yes!!! My two faves collaborating... This is a dream come true and especially because I love Slumber Party. I can't wait to watch sexney and Tinaslay doing their thing!!
  7. Achievement Megamix - The Evolution of Britney (30+ Hits!)

    This is the best thing I've ever heard in my life!!! Thanks to whoever made this video, it slays so fucking much. As I'm writing, I'm listening to it for the third time.
  8. Music Video NEW Make Me... Music Video!!!

    This video slays! It's not the best video ever but if Britney would've released this instead of the mess where her dancers sound like hyenas I would've been much happier! Make Me had potential to be a hit but the shitty video fucked it all up. I really liked this video. Thank you Britney for this simple, yet sexy and cute video.
  9. Discussion Private Show slays lives

    I loved it since the commercial, but when it came out in full it slayed me! I love the work it work it boy watch me work it part. According to iTunes I've listened to the song around 250 times and I'm really proud of it lol. I get why some people don't love it but it's impossible to completely hate it, the song is full of personality and sassiness. It's a fun song.
  10. Album Rank Britney's albums from fave to least fave

    1. ITZ --- simply because of songs like BOM TOMH MATM and Toxic 2. Blackout ---- It was a great album. Gimme more and Freakshow are one of her best songs. 3. Glory ---- it's still too recent and everything sounds fresh for me. Eventually it could go down but as of today it completes my holy trinity. 4. Femme Fatale --- hated the era, loved the album 5. Britney ---- great era, amazing music. Slave 4 U and Overprotected made me the crazy stan I am right now. 6. Circus --- good music. I still enjoy the song and the deluxe edition tracks. 7. Oops ---- it was the first album I bought and I still listen to it every now and then. 8. BOMT ---- I loved her since the single came out and Crazy was my jam when I was 5 years old lol 9. BJ---- I hate this piece of shit. I deleted most of the album from my iPhone and only kept Work Bitch, Alien and Perfume.
  11. Game Glory +/-

    Invitation 18 Make Me... (feat. G-Eazy) 8 Private Show 14 Man on the Moon 26 Just Luv Me 26 Clumsy 16 Do You Wanna Come Over? 32 Slumber Party 28 Just Like Me 18 Love Me Down 22 Hard to Forget Ya 20 What You Need 12 Better 18 Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortès) 26 Liar 28 If I'm Dancing 22 Coupure Electrique 18
  12. Discussion Least Favourite Glory Track?

    If I'm dancing! I hate that annoying twerking music at the beginning and I just can't listen to it. I think I'm weird because I really like Private Show and What you Need everytime I drive I play them and sing along lol. The vocals are a little annoying but the vibe of both songs is amazing.
  13. Discussion Fav song from "Glory" so far?

    Invitation Man on the Moon Just Luv Me Change your Mind (No seas Cortes) and Slumber Party
  14. Single Do You Wanna Come Over? is out NOW!

    SHE FUCKING DID THAT?!?!? Do you wanna come over? Is my new favorite song from Glory!!
  15. Single The Make Me... (Remixes) single has been released!

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