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  1. I lLove You This Big is easily the worst idol song ever...
  2. I couldnt choose just one game, so i'll list 10 of my faves 1. Legend of Zelda series 2. Mario 3D series (64, Sunshine, Galaxy) 3. Mario 2D series 4. Paper Mario series 5. Pokemon 6. Mario Kart 7. Star Fox 64 8. Banjo Kazooie 9. F-Zero 10. Metroid Prime Series Pretty much anything Nintendo Makes haha
  3. Surely she could have sung that live? She wasn't dancing vigorously, so why not?
  4. I think this is my favorite Gaga song so far!
  5. I hate time differences. It's 6pm monday here in Aus. Every time i see release dates then realise they're for America, i get sad cos it means the date after for me haha
  6. Definately would make a much better album cover
  7. Yay, 15 new songs to look forward to
  8. Im so sick of how over-hyped this album is. I really hope i'm not disappointed
  9. I love the song, but i'd rather Circle The Drain or Peacock
  10. Im more neutral, but leaning towards not liking it
  11. It better not be a rapper, that would RUIN it really. But Rihanna would be fine