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  1. Kirjava


    Falsas Esperanzas - 7,2 NWTBL
  2. This thread is a mess. And so is DJ Khaled.
  3. Congrats to them! While it's fun to joke about the publicity stunt-esque aspects of their relationship, I wish them the best.
  4. Kirjava


    I'm only a casual Britney fan, but you can add me This cover's a 7. She looked so young
  5. Kirjava


    Well, she did shoot a music vid for Pero Me, and re-shot 3 out of 4 of her Debut era music vids, but other than that yeah, it was lazy af.
  6. Kirjava


    MR era was so fucking low budget artwork-wise The album cover/booklet was BTS pics from COOB music vid
  7. Kirjava


    Pero Me Acuerdo de Ti - 5,6 Falsas Esperanzas (release date-wise this isn't the next one, but I wanted to get the Debut/MR era covers over with )
  8. Kirjava


    Check my edit. Well, Mi Reflejo was fucking massive in Latin America, and provided her with an almost cult-like following in the Spanish speaking word. So I wouldn't say it was a bad investment.
  9. Kirjava


    I personally hate the entire Mi Reflejo photoshoot. It's so fucking basic. They just took pics of her behind the scenes of the COOB music video and called it a day. And that grey dotted background... I use this fanmade cover for the album: Same concept, but so much more visually appealing imo.
  10. Kirjava


    Not them misspelling the title "tí" doesn't exist in Spanish, it's always "ti". I just noticed it's misspelled on the official Youtube vid too, wtf.
  11. Kirjava


    COOB - 8,3 Pero Me Acuerdo de Ti
  12. Kirjava


    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Come_On_Over_Baby_(All_I_Want_Is_You) The original album version was basic af, so they re-recorded it (along with WAGW) with more R&B inspired vocals. In the re-releases of the album those new versions were included, so almost nobody knows the original versions anymore. Here they are if you want to give them a listen: