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  1. I highly doubt it. Etta really liked Xtina, I don't see why she would have been opposed to her doing a studio version. I think it's more due to the fact that she just never had a reason to do it, like a tribute album to put it on for example. And she's done a ton of classic jazz/soul covers over the years that she never recorded in the studio either.
  2. So I guess with La Luz coming this EP is really over I was hoping for at least one more music vid from it. And apparently she filmed a video for Cunado Me Dé la Gana? Idk, how true that rumour is tho.
  3. @StrippedX yeah, allow half points next time pls. That way less songs would end up with the same score.
  4. Yeah, thanks so much for hosting @StrippedX
  5. Gurl, were you taking a shower for over an hour?
  6. Yass! She better release at least a new song by then
  7. Blasphemy, this song deserved top 2 at least.