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    Thanks for giving us hope
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    No album then
  3. Kirjava


    Omg, pls no. I need an album or an EP at least.
  4. He might work as a younger Batman, we'll see.
  5. She better bring the visuals
  6. Kirjava


    Another look: I wonder what this is for. Makeup test maybe?
  7. Kirjava


    Spanish album promo will last a weekend and we will all deal
  8. Kirjava


    She's a boring mom now Sometimes I wish I was old enough to have been around when Stripped and B2B were happening, when she still cared and was 100% committed to her art.
  9. Yeah, I'm not mad at the fact that she goes mad, I'm mad at the fact that it's rushed as hell and doesn't feel authentic. The books will obviously do a much deeper dive into her mindset. I haven't actually read ADWD yet (I was somewhere halfway through AFFC a few months ago when I was last reading it ), but I know that towards the end when she's wandering alone in the wilderness and hallucinating and shit she decides on the Fire and Blood route. GRRM will have two books to develop this tho, the show did it in two episodes. I don't consider the quasi cruel things she's done before as signs, because other characters have done equally horrible things and are still painted as heroes/sympathetic.
  10. I agree that the writing has been horrendous this last season, but there's absolutely zero chance of HBO re-doing it. Let's just watch the final episode this week and then move on from this mess. Hopefully one day we'll get the books to see how the story was properly meant to end and that will be that. No, people are mad cuz the writing has been legit shit. The supposed plot-points that they are working around that Martin has given them are fine, the execution is what's lacking. Daenerys' descent into madness is something that should have been gradually established not simply justified by inserting some throw-away lines here and there and expect us to believe that all of a sudden she wants to murder innocent civilians, when she has only ever shown ruthlessness towards her enemies before. Literally two episodes ago she was helping save humanity and now she's committing genocide. Don't even get me started on Jaime saying "I never cared for the innocent". I guess he became the Kingslayer cuz he was bored.
  11. Kirjava


    Finally. She's lost like 20k followers on insta in the last couple of weeks (she used to be at 6 mil), probably cuz she never posts anything. Btw, did she dye her hair? Or is it just a wig? Either way I love this more natural shade of blonde on her.