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    Quality over quantity.
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    Maria - from everything we've heard about it so far, I expect it to be a true masterpiece. Sick of Sitting - bring me the Voice shade Also, whichever track is by Da Internz. But honestly everything. She has some interesting collabs on this album. Also, I'm dying to know which song are those strings from, that we've heard in the Where's Maria? vid and also in the intro of the FIL music vid. It sounds so gorgeous. My guess is either Searching for Maria or from Maria.
  3. Kirjava

    Music Video

    It's both. He was gonna rape her, but she took advantage of the situation (him being attracted to her) and acted compliant in order to get him to let his guard down.
  4. All lip fillers are temporary. They have to be re-done periodically, which she's been doing. She first got them around 2015. I think this interview was the first one where we've noticed they looked bigger, but most of us just wrote it off as makeup-tricks at the time.
  5. I know it shouldn't, but they already had preconceived notions about her and went on to talk shit regardless of the rest of the album. That's critics for ya.
  6. Old farts were shook by Dirrty video so they dragged her.
  7. Oh, so it's just remixes. Was hoping for entirely new songs.
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    Music Video

    I don't think their ages are relevant in the vid. It's all symbolic.
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    Music Video

    Slay me!!! Fucking beat them up and reclaim your freedom!
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    Music Video

    It was literally just posted. + likes are already at 5k. Views always update late.
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    Music Video

    I was just about to post.
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    Well, she has till September to sell them. I don't think it's gonna be an issue.
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    Here's a pic of them seated btw: