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  1. here

    I'm done lmfao1


  2. Thanks anyway. @Onika can you help un-archiving this?
  3. @Habits I'd like to update this thread with my added 2016 version, but it's been closed. Can you un-archive pls.
  4. Music Video

    I'll post it in the Lounge
  5. Music Video

    @Americunt @Lachlan @Habits where should I post a stan badge-change voting thread for an artist that doesn't have a section? Music Mania or Lounge? I can't at no one being online.
  6. Music Video

    @Nocturn @Systemagic @Hylia While we're at it, should we change stan badge pic of Goldfrapp to something more recent? I have made a few sized pics from recent pictures already, but where should I make the thread to vote? In the Lounge?
  7. Music Video

    It's an okay vid, but I also wish Alison would have made an appearance. Tales of Us era videos were all so spectacular, these new vids just fall so flat.
  8. Album

    Can't wait Why isn't Time on the tracklist
  9. Game

    11 Her best vid hands down. Can we even give 11 points in this megarate? If not, then obviously 10.
  10. Same. It's magnificent.