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  1. I'm talking generally, I didn't mean to single you out. My point is, that her lips have been like this for months now. She clearly likes them this way, so we might as well deal with it, cuz it ain't gonna change. You gotta admit they look better than they did in November.
  2. You guys are still on about this. They settled down just fine.
  3. First public appearance of the new era (hopefully).
  4. Red carpet: Inside with Katy Perry, Stella McCartney and Maye Musk: Bonus info:
  5. Prepare for disappointment
  6. X6 December 2018 here we come
  7. Other

    If she passes on another opportunity like this, I'll...
  8. Other

    Don't get your hopes up, but Grammys are also that weekend
  9. Other

    Her Lip Sync Battle tribute ep is airing on January 25th.
  10. I won't believe anything until we have solid proof
  11. Updated. This new update really made the image LQ on here for some reason. It's still nice and crisp in my PC file tho. That Definiton pic is saturated af, btw. Might edit it later, to make it blend in better with the other pics.