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  1. Such a great read. I love reading BTS stories like this.
  2. https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/latin/8520241/rudy-perez-memoir-latin-hit-maker-excerpt-christina-aguilera-spanish
  3. Kirjava


    Some pro footage from the Switzerland date: I'm guessing it's the mic-feed + the instrumental/backing track only, cuz I hear no audience.
  4. Kirjava


    She slayed Twice a bit
  5. Kirjava


    I lowkey prefer The X Tour costumes/hair tho. Here's a closeup of the opening outfit: Also the outfit for ANOM is amazing. Performing that song in the blue dominatrix/cultist outfit at The Xperience is a choice.
  6. Kirjava


    I mean yeah, also this way her and her dancers/band don't have learn a whole new show, when they are going back to Vegas in September anyway.
  7. Kirjava


    It's pretty much the same as The Xperience just with different costumes and cheaper production.
  8. Kirjava


    The fact that she even had a private meeting with Anna Wintour during the Liberation era and we didn't get a cover is a joke.
  9. Kirjava


    Vogue stanning https://www.vogue.com/vogueworld/article/christina-aguilera-couture-fall-2019-viktor-and-rolf-dress
  10. Kirjava


    I think she looks great. Serving Kimono Girl teas. And she'll never stop bleaching her hair.
  11. At Jean Paul Gaultier: At Viktor & Rolf:
  12. Ehh, it's not bad, but not very good either.
  13. Kirjava

    Had this on repeat for the last half hour. It's so good.
  14. Kirjava

    Omfg, that really is north. How do you deal? The cold, the half year darkness/light But you at least get to see the Aurora often, right?