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  1. Kirjava


    Wow, I didn't think she was gonna do more dates this year, she better work.
  2. I'm so over anything GOT related at this point. D&D really killed it all for me. I just hope Martin finishes the books and then in 10-15 years time we'll get an actual faithful reboot. Hopefully animated.
  3. Omg, here's a clip of the song! Slay a bit! This is for that "31 Nights of Halloween" event that will air October 31st.
  4. Kirjava


    Was gonna post this. Supposedly they talked about Miss Independent. Looking forward to this.
  5. Queen

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    2. Saiga

      Well I graduated with a Bachelor in Chemistry so I'm trying to find a chemist job but I haven't had luck at all.


      Hey if you want to improve your Spanish you can chat with me! Or if you have any doubt you can ask me!


      And are you nervous about the MA program?

    3. Kirjava

      Chemistry? Wow, you sure didn't pick something simple. fall1

      Thanks sis! I definitely need practice, so I might hit you up every once in a while. jj2

      Not really, I already did translating/interpreting specilization as my minor in the BA programme, a lot of it is the same thing. Only difference is that there's Spanish now too.

    4. Saiga

      I see!! Good luck with your master! I'm sure you'll nail it. hug2


      And yeah, I can't at me choosing that `program. mad5

  6. It's a running joke. I know she's finally given fans a tour, something we thought we'd never get again. It's just a that the 6 year wait between Lotus and Liberation scarred us.
  7. This song is a definite grower. Second day of listening hits hard.
  8. We shall treasure this, as this will be the only thing we get for the next 6 months.
  9. Kirjava


    I'm getting used to it now. Her little story about Magdalene being her own sculpted reflection makes me appreciate it a bit more.
  10. Kirjava

    Well, flowers have been used as the visual metaphor for vulva for ages, she wouldn't have missed the mark much
  11. Kirjava

    Yeah, at least putting the text there makes it less obvious. Otherwise her woohoo is the focal point of the image.
  12. Kirjava

    Yeah, and as I said, the the obvious crop is just... One of the reasons I decided to make my own version. The other is the fact that the title is just chucked into a random corner on the standard one...
  13. Kirjava

    The High by Kelela is giving it to me so good rn