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  1. She looks stunning. That dress! I'm glad this song got a video, imo it's the best track on the EP and definitely deserved it. Even if the concept is super simple. But I guess that proves they didnt plan to shoot a music vid for this, and only did so because the song was so well received by fans. I'd like if she moved onto the next EP now tho.
  2. When the fuck is the next EP coming out?
  3. While he was definitely in the wrong and should be punished in some way, this feels a bit excessive. Particularly compared with all the shady shit that the Academy brushed under the rug before.
  4. I don't think so. Maybe when all 3 EPs are out she'll do a limited edition vinyl or something.
  5. I think it's extensions. And because she has almost no natural hair left.
  6. Stunning! But why do these magazines always pick the most basic picture as the cover?