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  1. Kirjava


    Movie's officially postponed. Honestly, it's for the best. Shame we'll potentially have to wait months for Reflection 2.0 tho. Also the music videos.
  2. We love a happy ending.
  3. Kirjava


    They couldn't have foreseen this, but they really picked the worst time to release this movie with the Coronavirus and all.
  4. Kirjava


    The news just broke that Hungary is closing all universities indefinitely. I wonder if I'll still have to go to class tomorrow or if it's immediately effective. RIP my education. Honestly, I believe this is rather dramatic. There is only 13 cases so far in the country. I think a ban on foreign travel for students/teachers would be enough.
  5. Kirjava


    Here is the perf in HQ: Edit: Up on official channel now.
  6. Kirjava


    Gorgeous! Also can't wait for 2020 Reflection and the 2 music videos she shot.
  7. Kirjava


  8. Kirjava


    The echoing and inconsistent loudness of the mic-feed makes it really hard to enjoy the performance, but she looked and sounded great, too bad for the shitty sound quality.
  9. Kirjava


    I'm fine with her hair here but I really don't like her new hairstylist. He almost always just puts her hair in a ponytail/bun and calls it a day.
  10. Kirjava


    @Habits once the music vid comes out, will it need a separate thread? Idk how things work around here anymore. Edit: Wait it's out.
  11. Kirjava


    The song wasn't gonna be a hit anyway, so I'm fine with us at least getting cute visuals for it.
  12. Kirjava


    Finally! This music vid is way overdue. The song has been out for 3 months.
  13. Kirjava


    Jordantina Nice to see that they remained friends for the sake of Max
  14. I didn't know about the young Palpatine actor thing, what's that about? Don't even remind me of the Fortnite mess Adam Driver and Daisy were done so dirty. They deserved better than this The wasted potential of Kylo/Ben Solo. The regression of Rey's character from the previous movie The fact that Also, Kelly Marie Tran deserved better than this Them giving her the Jar Jar treatment means Disney would rather cater to a racist/sexist loud minority than do the right thing And they really thought they did something with that 0.00005 second long lesbian kiss. Good fucking bye.