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  1. Kirjava

    Celeb News

    If the one in the OP is indeed the album cover, I will be using that.
  2. This is great to hear! Watch the next pope (which hopefully won't happen for a while) denounce these statements tho.
  3. There wasn't even a seasons option in this game yet? Sims 4 is a joke. I'll stick with Sims 3 (well not currently, cuz I desperately need a new PC) until there's a Sims 5.
  4. She always slays collabs, so idek. Not you all forgetting this masterpiece tho Once again, the live version is better than the recording. And the fact that she was sick here. Legend
  5. Kirjava


    I'd love if she did a cover album for all the jazz/blues classics she grew up listening to. A bunch of them she performed already, so the arrangements are already written. It wouldn't even be much of an effort from her. But Spanish and another English album next pls. Yeah that's Gilbert. But he also still dances for J.Lo and Mariah, so it's not just his friendship with X keeping him around.
  6. Back to Lorry's vid, I wasn't sure about making a thread out of it, but the post counts for last week just came out and we need the activity. So when the vid's out I'll post it, or you do, whoever gets to it first.
  7. Kirjava


    How long do we want to draw this out btw? I think it's time for a new game, it's only us two playing this anymore. Genie in a Bottle: 182 Ven Conmigo (Solamente Tú): 120 Dirrty: 194 Ain't No Other Man: 192 + Not Myself Tonight: 88 -
  8. Cuz according to Youtube women's bodies are vulgar. It makes no sense. The same way creators can't even say curse words anymore, it's stupid. I follow a couple of channels that do vids on history and they say they often get demonetized as well.
  9. She no longer does vids on celebs bodies tho cuz they always get demonetized, so I guess we'll be left to theorize about Xtine's boobs and butt ourselves.
  10. @STJ Lorry Hill wrote in the comments of her Gwen Stefani vid that Xtina is coming up next. I can't wait.
  11. Kirjava


    I have so much school work for the coming weeks and absolutely no motivation. I almost wish I was past graduation already, but that will mean job searching, and I dread that even more.
  12. Kirjava


    Genie in a Bottle: 182 Ven Conmigo (Solamente Tú): 118 Dirrty: 194 Ain't No Other Man: 190 + Not Myself Tonight: 92 -
  13. Kirjava


    Genie in a Bottle: 182 + Ven Conmigo (Solamente Tú): 116 - Dirrty: 194 Ain't No Other Man: 188 Not Myself Tonight: 96