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  1. Photos

    Well, this is from a pro-photoshoot, and that was just her standing in front of a wall in order to get a snap of her outfit, so it's understandable.
  2. We've known this. Jorge was "bi" at the time when they were dating. She's talked about this in Stripped era interviews before. Here's the vid btw:
  3. Photos

    Please make an announcment today!
  4. Gorgeous!!! It's the new layout for her website too.
  5. Full episode: http://gorillavid.in/wna7tiil46pm
  6. Photos

    Pics aren't showing. Try Imgur. https://imgur.com/
  7. Hollywood to Japan, Tokyo to Milan
  8. Here's the source: http://touring.apa-agency.com/rosters/brooke-candy/ Looks reliable enough.