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  1. Kirjava


    Btw, is Sexorcism really the title? Where did you get that?
  2. Kirjava


    We'll see I guess. I also, don't believe she'll release the album by the end of the month.
  3. Kirjava


    Didn't she say when the Volcano vid was released that they shot multiple different versions?
  4. Kirjava


    Oh okay then. Feel free to update it yourself, cuz I don't really think I will.
  5. Kirjava


    Oh wait I completely forgot I was doing this, it's already February. @Habits you can unpin I don't think I'm gonna do one for this year, I'm not that active of a stan anymore.
  6. Kirjava


    I guess. But it's just so messy, she has like 3 cancelled albums/EPs at this point, and god knows how many music vids she's shot, that she's never gonna release. Oh well, I already made an "album" out of the songs we've got from Daddy Issues I can do the same for the Nuts "era."
  7. Kirjava


    Wait, so Nuts, War etc. are all shelved as well? Can this bitch finally decide wtf she wants to do with her career?
  8. Kirjava

    Or a whole new album for promo God knows she has enough songs in her "vault"
  9. Exactly my thoughts. They should have shot a full-length music vid for it while they were on set tbh.
  10. Kirjava

    Make a thread and ask Habits to pin it.
  11. You are what you are (Beautiful) I've grown to like this version over the years.
  12. Isn't it time to unpin this and add a thread for The Xperience? @Habits
  13. I posted the full show in this thread. It's the one of the first questions she answered. Basically she said she'll take it under consideration to perform it.
  14. The Aftershow was lowkey better than the main show.
  15. Here's the full show: Here's the aftershow: