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  1. Honestly i dont think anyone outside of hardcore fans would care, especially since the rest of the products came out as promised. But its so stupid to see it called 20th Ann. Deluxe edition and there's no deluxe edition to speak of
  2. The rest of the products are out, the only thing missing are the deluxe digital tracks that she took down shortly after this whole thing came out back in August and she promised more stuff was gonna be added to it, but it never happened
  3. Lbr, she probably doesn't even know this is going on She most likely handed the problem off to her team and then assumed they would fix it but they didn't cuz they don't give a fuck
  4. She sang HGDT with Alejandro!
  5. Mine's Contigo en la Distancia Her tone on that song is unmatched
  6. Kirjava


    Yeah, cuz they were hits. But in comparison she performs way more songs from Stripped and at certain points even from Bionic. Also, she never talks about the album anymore. In contrast, Stripped keeps being brought up and then she starts stanning her 21 year old self.
  7. Kirjava


    It's her artistic peak, sns. With Stripped she was still finding herself in a way (and creating a masterpiece in the process), but with B2B she knew exactly what she was doing and what she wanted. Just look at the B2B tour, she never got better than that. Jazz, blues and soul music have always been a huge inspiration to her, so that album is as much of a love letter to those genres as it is to Jordan. I definitely feel like people have begun to overlook it in recent years. I think that's mostly due to the massive influence of Stripped and the controversy of Bionic. B2B is caught in between two very polarizing eras, that still generate discussion even today. B2B on the other hand was executed so perfectly that there isn't much to talk about tbh. The fact that, unlike Stripped, she doesn't really reference it anymore (probably cuz of Jordan) also contributes to it. Which is a shame, it's a fantastic record.
  8. Finally uploaded to her official channel.
  9. Kirjava


    I'm here for as much content she is willing to give us.
  10. Kirjava

    I fucking loathe this song, so why is this edit slaying me so hard rn
  11. I'm not holding my breath for commercial success, but it's nice to see this. Also hope they shoot a music vid for it.
  12. Kirjava


    Watch the performance (updated the other thread with a working link ). It looks gorgeous in motion