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  1. Kirjava


    The beat is shit. It's like they ripped her rapping from a different song and put it over this random track.
  2. Kirjava

    @Freaky Prince where is your set from
  3. Kirjava

    Nah, I'm too cheap for that.
  4. Kirjava

    I don't want to though. I'll probably procrastinate till the very last minute, just like usual. Ugh, I don't even know what I'll get anyone yet. I usually just give little DIY knick-knacks. Christmas is the worst.
  5. Kirjava

    I have two essays due by Thursday and I haven't done jack-shit yet.
  6. Kirjava


    Awesome! Hoping Fall In Line wins. Like I Do won't, but it's nice that she got that as well.
  7. Kirjava

    Celeb News

    @Habits close this thread.
  8. Kirjava


    Updated with better quality pics.
  9. Just trying to be realistic. In all honesty tho, I do hope she's gonna release next year like she's promised, but she's promised lot of things before.
  10. Going by the G-cups line this is about Christina Hendricks, not Xtina. But he's gross regardless.
  11. Kirjava


    Whelp, at least she's serving looks.
  12. Kirjava

    This forum is dead. And not just this section, the entire site is losing traffic I feel. We're all growing up I guess, plus our faves are all boring moms now.