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  1. Don't forget the fan-fave medley of MLJ, FTM and LTBL.
  2. Was I talking to you about this? I don't remember. I hate that subject, but yeah, I can do it if I prepare a lot. Wait, so you're about to finish already?
  3. There was a particular subject I failed 3 times, and that means you automatically get the boot. Thanks, I hope so too. How is school coming around for you? Better than for me I hope
  4. Oop, sorry forgot about that Us Fighters better launch a Kickstarter. If we collect $2 mill she might consider performing for us. Only 1 show of course tho, with the same tired old setlist.
  5. She's almost there as far as touring goes
  6. Oh, I see. Things are good. Apart from the fact that I got kicked out of uni, so the last 6 months has been a limbo. But I re-applied, and this week the results for getting in are gonna be revealed. Hopefully I'll make it no problem. Once that's done I'll have my credits accepted and can basically continue where I left off. How are things with you? Still working?
  7. Game

    1. Genie In A Bottle - 45 2. What A Girl Wants - 30 3. I Turn To You - 10 4. So Emotional - 95 5. Come On Over - 30 6. Reflection - 35 8. Somebody's Somebody - 20 9. When You Put Your Hands On Me - 30 10. Love Will Find A Way - 50 11. Obvious - 25
  8. I'm starting to doubt even the existence of it at this point
  9. Bitch, where have you been I haven't seen you around in like a year. How are you?
  10. I still bop to their songs every once in a while. They had quite a few hits in Europe back in the 2000s.
  11. Looking flawless.
  12. Other

    The Oreo reign won't let up
  13. Yeah, she has about 200 pair of shoes and wears 3 of them
  14. Other

    @#Music join us