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  1. Kirjava


    Hopefully she'll get better by then. She says she's already recovering, she's just not well enough yet. Crossing my fingers for you!
  2. Full commercial is here. They held onto the dark lip look from the Definiton shoot so she didn't have to film a commercial this year.
  3. Kirjava

    Celeb News

    Finally interesting questions! Good interview.
  4. Another boring interview. Hopefully the Andy Cohen one will deliver.
  5. Kirjava

    Celeb News

    This interview seems like it will be good. Can't wait for the whole thing.
  6. Kirjava

    Celeb News

    Well, this thread flopped. @Habits could you merge with the other Sirius XM thread pls?
  7. Kirjava

    Celeb News

    Well, this was short and boring. Hopefully she did a separate one with Andy Cohen, cuz he did mention they dug deep and this certainly hasn't. Oh yeah, he says it's for Radio Andy. So hopefully we'll get another one,.
  8. Kirjava

    Yeah, and it'll stay that way until they deliver something worthwhile and not just false promises.
  9. She hasn't performed that since B2B tour, so not surprising. Also, she did mention in an interview that it's very emotionally and vocally challenging to sing, so
  10. At least she dropped FTM and MLJ Also, how come It's a Man's World's on the setlist? Could have replaced it with a Liberation song.
  11. Liberation pt. 2 better come soon and snatch us.
  12. The one market that gives the least shit about her. Europe/Asia loves her, Latin America WORSHIPS her. At least the Latin American fans deserved a tour. Hopefully this is only for her to see how things work out, getting herself re-acquainted with touring, and then she can announce a couple of dates worldwide next year. But this is mostly wishful thinking