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  1. She really ran out of names for these.
  2. No. I still need to watch Clone Wars first.
  3. Thanks for posting these! I wish the song she half-finished with Goldfrapp would leak.
  4. @Dennis Reynolds the new badge has shown up now.
  5. It's the old one on the phone too. Also I installed Chrome just to check if the new badge shows up in a browser with no stored data and it shows the old one there too.
  6. I only use the forum on PC. Also, I'm pretty sure on mobile badges don't show up anyway.
  7. It's still the old one for me @Dennis Reynolds Also I don't want to clear my cache again I'm so tired of having to log back into everything
  8. It's fine, hopefully it'll show up by tomorrow.
  9. Okay, I'll check if after turning off the computer it works. Edit: @Dennis Reynolds I've restarted it and it still shows the old one.
  10. Still the old one for me. And I cleared my cache again.