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  1. Discussion

    I mean her Swish Swish verse does take me to church during the sung part, and the rest is catchy, but it isn't exactly a showcase of her lyrical talent either. I kinda think the opposite, where Meek had a negative impact tbh I mean he's a goofy lyricist, and I think it rubbed off on her a bit And that's not even being a blind stan, if you look at what Safaree has put out it's been trash so. Also agreed on the Aretha lines.
  2. here

    Take me to emotion demi1

    I want to go all the way demi1

  3. Discussion

    Honestly her features have been largely lackluster as of late, which is a shame because she usually brings so much shine. It kinda seems like ever since her unimpressive response to Remy they've gone downhill. Homegirl needs to get it tf together because NM4 needs to deliver.
  4. Achievement

    What she deserves, it is
  5. I'm still not over it. The song coulda gone either way (whether or not it was meant to be satirical), but the video drives it home. I actually like the song a lot more now. Goddammit Taylor.
  6. Honestly I wasn't here for the song. But this video. Dear god. It is a MASTERPIECE.
  7. Now that it's fixed though watch out, I'm boutta break this record for her
  8. I actually realized a few days ago that Spotify on my laptop stopped scrobbling to Last.fm, so for as much as I scrobbled it, that was just the listens from my phone
  9. Lemme go stream it nonstop for the next 7 days
  10. Sure, can y'all coordinate on which icon you want?
  11. I will wait to see whether she fully embraces the inner Snakelor or not.
  12. We're done with this now, saying someone should be assaulted is not funny.
  13. Other

    One of the BEST tracks from the BEST album of the year