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  1. I really hope we get to see more BTS footage, her process always seems so fun and joyful
  2. Onika here


    1. Manel

      Sounds so good!

  3. Onika


    This article explains it better than I can really — https://qz.com/1519823/is-spotify-making-songs-shorter/
  4. Onika


    Agreed on all of this As for the first part, I think it's just fallen victim to the streaming world, where people are trying to keep singles under 3 minutes. Unfortunate but what can ya do.
  5. Onika

    I mean technically the introduction of streaming into charts better reflects what people are actually listening to, but yes there is still beef to be had with peoples' taste sometimes
  6. #dojacatisoverparty Edit: Not me predicting this actually trending
  7. Onika


    She loves nothing more than self-sabotage
  8. Onika


    It was def Nicki who decided at the last minute (after it started releasing in some territories) to change her verse lbr would not be a Nicki release without some kind of tomfoolery
  9. Onika here


    1. Dennis Reynolds

      All right, all right, we can make this a site emote if you insist...

    2. Onika

      Not exactly what I envisioned my lasting legacy to be but lol2

    3. Dennis Reynolds

      seanika1 will never die!

  10. "Now I Don't Hate California After All" sounds like a Lana track title
  11. She's def the insanely perfectionist type, she kinda reminds me of Charli (and a bit of Nicki) in that way
  12. Onika


    She really is the moment, so happy for her success
  13. Onika

    Say So deserved better, I'm over Nicki phoning it in