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  1. Onika

    For those of you who have not yet claimed ( @Mystique, @Luca, and @Entea for 1 Month, and @Simón. & @Jae for 2 month), please reach out at your earliest convenience
  2. Onika

    These have all been given out I also accidentally gave you one @Hex (because pre-coffee brain) so Merry Christmas
  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one Skskdjkjs you had this ready way too fast
  4. Onika

    Music Video

    Ugh so good
  5. I know this is a serious topic but serving "Paris is my friend"
  6. Onika here



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    2. Hunty Bear

      3 hours ago, Hylia said:

      Not the theory about him only playing stupid actually being true. Unless he got a ghostwriter for this.

      finally learned to capitalize after making almost 6 dupe accounts with the same writing style! what an evolution lol3 

    3. Ultraviolet

      I was talking about Sean by the way.

    4. Ultraviolet

      No one cares about this pedo, why don't we focus on the bullshit still on this site?

  7. Onika here

    Tune into episode five of Fake Friendship, with special guest @Americunt! jj2


  8. First Aly & AJ come back with delightful 80s-reminiscent bops, now this
  9. Onika here

    @Sylk i see u


    1. Sylk

      Im doing gods work

    2. Urbanov

      Maria Kari ddddddd laughcry1 

  10. Total listening time for the week: 24 hours Total scrobbles for the week: 384 Average scrobbles per day: 54 Less than I thought tbh