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  1. Just give her the Grammy already
  2. Game

    @Dan would you mind removing me from the taglist? Sorry to be a pain, I just know I won't have time to participate
  3. here

    I've got a small but overdue Christmas present for you guys nat1 

    1. Hector

      n00dz? wow because that's long overdue btw!

  4. I mean yeah maybe the lyrics are a little cliche but damn if she doesn't bring them to life
  5. OMG, You're online again wub1 


    I thought they kept you locked alone in a basement like my fave keeps sia 

    1. Onika

      Thankfully I have finally escaped Lachlan's basement prison!

  6. Celeb News

    Lol clearly this is a get high and watch kind of show
  7. Celeb News

    That sounds fitting
  8. Game

    I love the Boots bridge
  9. This is the kind of quality content I have returned for