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  1. Discussion

    I'm here for this but bitch needa notice me because I've been repping this name for a long ass time
  2. here

    If you haven't submitted your votes for the Member Awards, what are you waiting for? Voting is about to close!

    VOTE HERE: https://fotpforums.com/fotpmas

  3. here

    If you haven't submitted your recordings, go do it. I'm putting the show together this weekend and I can't delay putting certain parts in wendy3 

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    2. Vertigo-go

      I voted for you as the funniest member, so there is that!

      I think you're also in underrated!

    3. Anna-wa

      @Hylia Go to the section for the Member Awards and look in the latest thread.

    4. Hannah

      Did you get mine? sia5 

  4. Ideally yes but if you're not feeling that creative we'll accept one lol
  5. Is there gonna be a May Spotlight poll? I don't want to be rude or anything but honestly the Lorde section should be put out of its misery... brit9

    1. Onika

      Yes there's going to be one

    2. Anna-wa

      Okay, thank you. :)

  6. here

    No seas cortés

  7. I meant because the real Glory cover is basically a screenshot from the Make Me video
  8. How sad is it that I genuinely can't tell if this is a joke or not
  9. here

    New banners! Katy II, Ariana VII, and Ariana VIII, courtesy of @Luca. :)




    1. Luca.

      If I need to create more for some faves, just @ me Seanika! yas2 

  10. here

    The Cure is better than most all of Joanne, but it has the mixing quality of a pre-The Fame demo and the lyrics are...okay.

    1. rosekesha

      i don't think it is. the whole song is good minus that generic drop

  11. Onika add wendy4



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    2. Onika

      I do not see it in that thread wendy3 

    3. Onika

      Submissions for the last vote do not automatically carry over, you need to submit it each month you want it considered 

    4. Sylk

      wth um2 i dont understand just take them all um2 

  12. here

    This month's emote vote will be going up shortly. If you want to submit an emote, now's the time to do it kesha4