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  1. Onika


    I know I was just pointing out how curious it was. And she's acknowledged it as intentional in her promotional emails and interviews, so that's exciting
  2. Onika


    This sound is unexpected but it surprisingly works and the video is a serve
  3. I'm legit bopping, y'all are nuts. Great blend of old and new Kesha Can't wait for this album to restore pop's crown
  4. Onika


    I can't tell if that was a tagging mistake or something intentional
  5. Onika


    Kinky feat. Ke$ha?
  6. Onika


    Oh my FUCKING god I am so excited So proud of my OG bae
  7. Onika

    Celeb News

    Kesha stans finding random old photoshoot pics
  8. Onika

    Yeah you just skated by for a long ass time is all
  9. Onika

    Wait actually looks like you're fine. @Dan based on what I'm seeing yours was actually supposed to expire awhile back but never got processed did you renew or something more recently than that? I'm not seeing anything here, but if you did please PM me
  10. Onika

    Fuckin hell. No you guys didn't break anything, idk what happened exactly but the cleanup system took away all VIPs
  11. Onika


    You're in for a treat, she puts on an excellent show
  12. Onika


    Same exactly, the taste jumped out
  13. Ma'am this is a Wendy's
  14. Onika

    Celeb News

    MTE, definitely different energy from RCA this time around