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  1. Indeed. It's like, he is in the wrong for being indirect about it, but she's also in the wrong for dragging him instead of Remy
  2. They're both in the wrong here tbh With that said, the AUDACITY of him to say Nicki wasn't shit before him boy bye lemme go delete Trigga Reloaded out my Spotify
  3. Discussion

    Omg BedRock was the first verse I ever heard of hers hashtag memories
  4. He's cute tbh, hey Bradley
  5. Yasssss I'm so excited
  6. Game

    SAME I've even learned to let the first verse play so I can properly prepare for the scalpage The gif but YAS one of her most iconic songs
  7. here

    Whichever one of you introduced me to this is getting banned (as soon as I remember who you are), now it's stuck in my head fall1 


  8. Oops I changed the purchase pages but not the packages one my bad
  9. $6. $5 for the Premium VIP and $1 for the Ad Free addon
  10. FUCK YOU MEAN BITCH, VIPS HAVE GONE DOWN IN PRICE SINCE I TOOK OVER $7 isn't even right you flop hoe