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  1. Onika here

    Reviewing mod apps, my cashapp is open aretha1

  2. I can confirm I hacked the voting without Liam knowing all tallies are legitimate and above board
  3. Curious to see whether the re-recordings of songs like All Too Well hold up to the originals emotionally
  4. So glad to see this come back
  5. PERCHED. So interested to hear what this sounds like after Reputation Also I'm slayed @ this
  6. Onika


    The electrocution Her dirty nails in the EOS closeup The fever dream storyline I can't
  7. More cancellations than Onika at this point
  8. Both "Into You"s are fantastic pieces of pop music
  9. Onika

    For those of you who have not yet claimed ( @Mystique, @Luca, and @Entea for 1 Month, and @Simón. & @Jae for 2 month), please reach out at your earliest convenience
  10. Onika

    These have all been given out I also accidentally gave you one @Hex (because pre-coffee brain) so Merry Christmas
  11. I'm glad I'm not the only one Skskdjkjs you had this ready way too fast
  12. Onika

    Music Video

    Ugh so good