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  1. Fav moment of the debate was him getting called a clown to his face tbh
  2. Onika here


  3. We are truly living in the weirdest timeline
  4. Out of everyone in the zeitgeist whose (relative) success I don't understand, his might be the most egregious.
  5. Onika

    Good to see you haven't changed @Philip 💖
  6. Onika here

    Omg, memories dead2


  7. I'm sure there will be differences in the approach, I just meant the fundamental philosophy is something I'd imagine they're looking to for inspiration. It will be interesting to see for sure, I hope they're able to make these necessary changes.
  8. It seems most likely they'd follow a disband and replace model a la Camden, NJ. Imperfect in its own ways of course, but a significant improvement because of the philosophy that was its foundation.
  9. This x100. There is already overwhelming evidence that outside groups (especially "white nationalist", aka neo-nazi groups) have been co-opting and escalating as a way of damaging the BLM cause.
  10. This is a disgusting take, frankly. Doxxing is never the answer.
  11. Onika

    This is part of a new tradition called June Fools and it will be returning tomorrow