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  1. Fav moment of the debate was him getting called a clown to his face tbh
  2. We are truly living in the weirdest timeline
  3. Out of everyone in the zeitgeist whose (relative) success I don't understand, his might be the most egregious.
  4. Onika

    Good to see you haven't changed @Philip 💖
  5. Onika here

    Omg, memories dead2


  6. I'm sure there will be differences in the approach, I just meant the fundamental philosophy is something I'd imagine they're looking to for inspiration. It will be interesting to see for sure, I hope they're able to make these necessary changes.
  7. It seems most likely they'd follow a disband and replace model a la Camden, NJ. Imperfect in its own ways of course, but a significant improvement because of the philosophy that was its foundation.
  8. This x100. There is already overwhelming evidence that outside groups (especially "white nationalist", aka neo-nazi groups) have been co-opting and escalating as a way of damaging the BLM cause.
  9. This is a disgusting take, frankly. Doxxing is never the answer.
  10. Onika

    This is part of a new tradition called June Fools and it will be returning tomorrow
  11. Cops are ramming groups of protestors with their cars. One example of several: The street was clear behind him, there was zero reason to escalate the situation in this way.
  12. Yup, gotta love it, that's what fascism is all about.
  13. I'm glad no one was injured and that this maniac is under arrest, but isn't it funny how when cops do this it's totally fine and also everyone else's fault.
  14. Onika

    That also does not remotely surprise me. Trash through and through, that one.
  15. Onika

    And that's definitely part of what's happening here as well, even if not government directly. While certainly no one can make any claims for "all", there is significant evidence of outside infiltrators (like white nationalist groups) working to escalate, whether that be via looting, arson, or otherwise. Hell, there's already countless videos of police themselves escalating situations way beyond what's called for. Additionally, the U.S. is a country and gay people have rights, because of riots. "A riot is the language of the unheard" and all that. Whether your ideal world contains them or not, sometimes they are the only road left. On a separate-but-related note, there is a lot of inorganic messaging happening online, so also be wary of that. Example I saw just today:
  16. Onika here

    You guys are in for a treat on Monday jj2

  17. The Minnesota Freedom Fund is a great place to donate if you have the means: https://minnesotafreedomfund.org/
  18. I really hope we get to see more BTS footage, her process always seems so fun and joyful
  19. Onika


    This article explains it better than I can really — https://qz.com/1519823/is-spotify-making-songs-shorter/