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  1. Am I the only one that didn't know this brit8


  2. hi gaycat1 

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      Album March 18th gaycat1


      18 songs for Japan dead2 

    3. DanKing2604


      Let's hope at least half of them are good cheer1

    4. Habits


      So far it´s good cry1 USTL and MMLY is good  cry1 

  3. That is exactly what I did I can't remember which countries I used but it was definitely the US, the UK, Australia, Ireland, for a time I used Germany but too many obscure songs were getting in. I deleted the spreadsheet I used but so long as you keep track of positions it's not particularly hard to recreate I hope everyone had a good Christmas (or a good last few days if you don't celebrate it)
  4. Hey :) What was the formula you did for the FOTP weekly chart? It would be nice to know gaycat1 

    And merry late Christmas. Did you get anything nice? and how are you? :) 

  5. Good news for all you Gaga stans, you actually might be able to get into Harvard
  6. She looks like she got a spray tan after putting her dress on
  7. Breaking news: Grammy winning singer can sing But instead of just being content with your fave slaying, you decide to use her success to belittle other successful singers LBR the performance of the night was Glory and you know it
  8. I finally got a PS4 so I'm working through all the games I have for it Currently on Watch Dogs and LittleBigPlanet 3 <3