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  1. Which would be the latest Yugioh for 3DS?
  2. Kenchiin


    She says she learned to block negativity <3 Goddess.
  3. This movie will be terrible . Thanks God at least it will have some good music.
  4. Kenchiin


    Yes. Yes. Endless amount of YES.
  5. Kenchiin

    My mum always thinks I'm singing "penis" when listening to Venus, so I'm not amazed at this point.
  6. Kenchiin

    Didn't she say 2015? We're still in 2014, what's the hurry.
  7. Kenchiin

    This. I want it.
  8. Kenchiin

    I fucking love this. Why hasn't leaked!?
  9. You are playing with mah feelingz bro
  10. Kenchiin

    Mean Girls > Movies
  11. Kenchiin

    They better resolve this matter because I need TATU back
  12. Kenchiin

    The thread tittle right now is just hilarious
  13. Kenchiin

    Good choice and great voice!
  14. I can't even process them. They make the whole article look completely fake, let aside the "Yes! I'm pregnant!" part lol