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  1. Video director Joseph Kahn admitting Gugu is talking bullshit AGAIN.

    If there's something your fave did first than mine, that is having a dead career. After all, that's her only real accomplishment.
  2. An Honest Opinion of Lady Gaga from A Madonna Stan

    This OP is pathetic. We do not simply hate that horrid woman, there are plenty of reasons. The fact that some Madonna fans are incapable of realizing that it says more about themselves than about the ones who really see through her vile tricks. Stop being a bunch of fools.
  3. Most vile current pop fave?

    Gaga for faking and using diseases to gain sympathy since she can't get it otherwise.
  4. Video director Joseph Kahn admitting Gugu is talking bullshit AGAIN.

    Little brains quoting quotes that have nothing to do with the actual topic cause they can't handle facts when they don't go they way they would like. Those tweets don't invalidate the ones about Lady LIEbetes.
  5. Video director Joseph Kahn admitting Gugu is talking bullshit AGAIN.

    More than the piece of trash and pathological liar Lady Gargamel is.
  6. Katy's Witness Tour shits all over the Joancelled Tour. Why?

    Mod Notice Abusive Behaviour
  7. Where will they be in 15 years?

  8. Where will they be in 15 years?

    Funny, cause it's your poor fave the one with a different disease every week.
  9. Is this her end?

    I may not be Einstein, but god I do have enough functioning braincells to see through this putrid woman. Using an illness to not only gain sympathy after becoming a non-event but also using victimhood to shield herself from being dragged left and right as she deserves. It works, and you know why? Cause this world is full of idiots who will eat up all the crap she throws at them, and you seem one of them.
  10. Is this her end?

    I think Madonna stans who fall for this are not only disgusting, but also extremely retarded.
  11. Is this her end?

    Keep dreaming habibi.
  12. Is this her end?

    That's what you would love reality to be, but unfortunately for your poor souls reality is a cunt. A cunt as big as the reductive liar.
  13. Is this her end?

    Not as disgusting as the lies your fave makes up.