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  1. You can't stop making a fool of yourself, don't you? Do you really believe all the crap and bullshit you type or is this just your troll self that can't control itself?
  2. I mean... An album with this singles and this videos: And album tracks such as: But what does Pitchafloja know?
  3. Not after what you said about Rebel God and the Rebel God Tour.
  4. read a book for once
  5. This is a joke. It cannot be real. It's too much, even for 2017.
  6. She's not, but if she was, she has all the right. More than Gaga, Beyoncé and all these cunts.
  7. ikr The same lame excuses for every flop tour of hers.
  8. Perfect dictionary example of the expression "having no fucking clue":
  9. The question itself is an insult. There's nothing to discuss here. Only demented ignorants would chose the one with the baby food name.
  11. Bedtime Story was exhibited and permanently kept in different art galleries and museums, including the Museum of Modern Art as well the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Rain was entirely shot in black and white and then hand-painted with blue tones. And plenty more from Madonna.