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  1. Crimson Revenge

    Careful the little Fartnuggets have a lot of say so around here dont want to twist their undies too hard .gif' alt='ny6'>.gif' alt='ny5'>
  2. Crimson Revenge

    that weally hurt mah feewingz I thought you were a madge stan
  3. Crimson Revenge

    This thread is vile
  4. Florida sounds awful what happened to make it a pigsty
  5. Crimson Revenge

    Drag it about kylie
  6. Um is this relevant enough to be world news
  7. Crimson Revenge

    rihported for shaming my mental disorder
  8. Cunts being spiteful cunts but dont have males to use as emotional tampons
  9. Crimson Revenge

    Watching army of Darkness with bruce campbell again it sleys
  10. Crimson Revenge

  11. Crimson Revenge

    Because i follow the rules .gif' alt='ny4'> Plz stay on the topic at hand
  12. Crimson Revenge

    um duh thats what i implied when i said it was a flop continent
  13. Crimson Revenge

    Guys im sorry im being so messy its just some kylie fans came for twigs and shes my Queen