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  1. Samuel


    Sorry sis, Ive already done to much. Ask people on twitter.
  2. Samuel


    I cant believe I low-key leaked this
  3. What is Jade from Victorious doing there
  4. Who are some of these people on the carpet?
  5. I was really looking forward to this performance
  6. Samuel

    Celeb News

    slay bitch, but that pic is tragic
  7. Samuel

    Slay bby
  8. Samuel

    Speech was kind of messy, at first i thought she was drunk but very heartwarming and sad at the challenges lgbt face today
  9. Samuel

    Cannibal EP
  10. Samuel

    Prob like small singles like cmon, crazy kids, some promo singles like Stephen and sleazy
  11. I'm not that busy rn so maybe .
  12. Samuel

    Awesome but what about the oscars