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  1. Disco Stick


    Wait sorry Im really confused.... why is summer bummer in everyones bottom?? did yall fags mean you'd like to bottom to summer bummer? cause that would make sense to me, the song is perfect for getting your bummer pounded out
  2. Disco Stick


    summer bummer is pure sex.
  3. Disco Stick

    Ain't No Way by Aretha Franklin or I'd Rather Go Blind by Etta James
  4. she got the satisfied xtina face at the end
  5. Her best look of the era but her worst performance of MR, she did not hit that not in the chorus a single time
  6. y'all sleeping on the best single of the year https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8KcdZZnBfRA

  7. 1. Santa's Prostitute 2. Daddy's Sack 3. Peppermint Kisses 4. Little Red Party Dress 5. Cocaine & Candy Canes 6. Holiday Blues 7. Rudolph's Dead (Bloody Nose) 8. Come Visit My South Pole 9. White Powder Paradise 10. Velvet Snow 11. LSD Snickerdoodles 12. I Believe In The Holiday Christmas Used To Be 13. Plow Me and My Driveway, Daddy 14. A Christmas Carol (Interlude) 15. Cumming Down The Chimney 16. Neon Phosphorescent Christmas Present 17. Rudolph in the Pale Moonlight 18.
  8. It's because he's a man, not because he is black
  9. Disco Stick


    Clumsy for sure, its complete garbage. After that I'd say Private Show, then What You Need. I have no idea how people could say Just Like Me or If I'm Dancing should go over those 3 tracks. If I'm Dancing is literally the best song on the album.
  10. stayed up til midnight for the Slumber Party video only to find out its actually coming out at 3 am here um1

  11. Disco Stick

    Music Video

  12. I voted for zara because i thought you were supposed to vote for who was more vanilla, but then I saw that it said who would you rather listen to... you tricked me.
  13. can someone direct me to the threads about Tinashe's new album? or are we not talking about it um2

    1. Jake

      Sure! jj2