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  1. the miley cyrus cover of Heart of a Glass is one of the best covers i've ever heard

  2. I'm really about to start writing my master's thesis during the middle of a wildfire and a pandemic dead2. I do not deserve this!

  3. Never Really Over IS one of the best pop songs released in recent pop history and no one can tell me differently ny1 

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    2. LittleDudeNT5


      What is "recent pop history"? You mean like, in the last year? anna1

    3. Chris


      its good. just not that good. id say Harleys in Hawaii instead of NRO

    4. Kenya


      @LittleDudeNT5 It's a subjective time frame, but I would say within the last several years 

      @Chris Morlock I think HiH shows her growth as an artist and the parallels with TD make it quality, but the lyrics, the production, sonically NRO is superior! 

  4. will carly rae jepsen please develop a new soundgaga6 

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    2. Kenya


      @ajp oh really? I can fw that!

    3. ajp


      @Kenya While the others are doing disco, she is doing Diamonds & Pearls oprah2

    4. Princess Aurora

      Princess Aurora

      I agree. It looks like she's slowly transitioning though

  5. these online classes...brit1

    1. Subtract -

      Subtract -

      i think that i'm actually gonna do just online classes this year

    2. Kenya


      I have a seminar and a 3 hour class back to back and it sucks right now! I don't mind it that much, but tonight is rough.

  6. Teary eyes is so fucking good

  7. who is responsible for the FOTP tweet going viral talking about Kim Jong Un rip2 

  8. Jessie Ware's album might be my album of the year so far

  9. EcdZ49_VcAIu5kf?format=jpg&name=large

    the quality on this one is so much better lj1 

    1. CHANEL #1

      CHANEL #1

      Her eyes are the same color in this one 

    2. Kylie
    3. Princess Aurora

      Princess Aurora

      I don't know why but this reminds me of a fun version of Gwen Stefani's latest album cover katy7

  10. What's Your Pleasure? is the album of the year sass1 

    1. V For Vendetta

      V For Vendetta

      Soul Control >>>> 


    2. V For Vendetta

      V For Vendetta

      ... I posted the first reply twice, and I can’t seem to delete this comment now jj2

    3. Kenya


      @V For Vendetta the music video is so good!

  11. Her best performance 


  12. Katy's version of Passenger really is it lj1 

    1. Madonna


      Should have been on Whiteness lj1 

  13. Daisies just went #1 on iTunes cry1. Her first since Rise cry1.

    1. LÉON


      Look how well that turned out for Rise ny2

    2. Kenya


      It's also #1 worldwide so I'll pass on the shade. 

  14. two assignments between me and the end of my first semester of grad school ny3 i'm so burnt out ny3 

  15. Only two posts in the katy section this week rip1 

  16. for clout my ex told me he hooked up w james charles like I'm suppose to be jealous or something gag1

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    2. Hermione


      Welp! It looks like he finally found someone who would mess with him then. clap3

      Is your ex 'straight'?

    3. Kenya


      Do you know james charles or something lmao

    4. Hermione


      We haven't met. But I know many people that he knows.

  17. hung out w a cute german boy last night imready1

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    2. Ariana


      2 hours ago, Gilly said:

      "hung out"Q4mFail.gif

      PLS this gif kylie9

    3. Kylie


      @Simón. what did you do

    4. Ariana
  18. Tove Lo really did that with Queen of the Clouds didn't she

  19. Does anyone have that gif of an african american woman pulling a file out of her purse and throwing it across the table? I can't find it rip2 

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    2. Jake


      11 minutes ago, Kenya said:

      omfg THANK YOU. What is this from?

      I have no idea dead2 I just love the GIF so I have it saved

    3. Venus XCX

      Venus XCX

      Joanne version if you want dead7 AlE3rVY.gif 

    4. Atlantis Princess

      Atlantis Princess

      I read this as 'pulling a riffle out of her purse' rip2

  20. All of these recent Earthquakes in central and northern California have me on edge katy9


  21. You and IIII



  22. They really played Missing U by Robyn at Target last night. I really do live in a gay city ny3 

  23. I got my camping pass for EDC today! So excited to go back to one of the largest music festival in the world!