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  1. EzekielJean

    I wonder how much ear ache I would have if I'd stan for xtina
  2. EzekielJean

    I dont understand why they are not releasing body ache or tik tik boom or alien
  3. EzekielJean

    By the fucking face?
  4. EzekielJean

    I think this is a lesson to her team, this is good.
  5. EzekielJean

    she remember all of the things! but then in London she didn't remember the video director of work bitch! haaha I <3 her so much
  6. EzekielJean

    xtina cries when she watch the 2003 Vma's performance
  7. EzekielJean

    I wonder how many times xtina cries in her bed everynight wishing her farts sounds a little bit as Britney's
  8. EzekielJean

    this post is pointless I wanna know who let you join in Fotp I feel uncomfortable with your avatar.
  9. EzekielJean

    But why? just because she's not perfmorming as promotion?
  10. EzekielJean

    well, At least you maybe live in a country where she use to go when she's on tour! I'm from Spain and she or her team never brings her tour here.
  11. OMG! not even my ass eject that kind of stinky shit.
  12. EzekielJean

    I don't understand, the song is good and she promoted...
  13. EzekielJean

    WTF? a fart sounds more interesting than this, this time it's her turn to media write shit about her, the same way xtina had, and her sales are the way they are just because generally sales have decreased. So stop looking for a dark side in the matter
  14. I have not heard it yet, but when something is about Britney my only one word is AMAZING!, just the way she is. So haters you better start asking your faves to do a song wich could touch a Britney one.
  15. EzekielJean

    I think she made it well doing things on her way, but then I don't understand at all her huge obsession with sales, I think she tought that promoting the album and taking her name would work, but that's not all.