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  1. Cracked

    True. That's the only reason I know who he is now.
  2. Cracked

    I liked the first half.
  3. Cracked

    @Warrior I'm listening to it right now. Why is it 8 minutes long though?
  4. Cracked

  5. Cracked

    But what's the difference? Some artists write and produce songs but they aren't featured on the song. Why is Calvin featured?
  6. Cracked

    I don't get why Calvin is featured. I honestly didn't even know he was a stand alone artist until recently.
  7. Cracked

    What is this mess.
  8. Cracked

    I don't want any rappers either. I want a really pop album. Kind of like Talk That Talk but a bit more pop. Ghetto Rihanna is okay in small doses.
  9. Reported for spamming. Expect a permanent ban from the Internet.
  10. Cracked

    You're like the 5th person to use my profile picture as a yes.
  11. Cracked

    You like JT? I think the only song I heard from ha is Sexy Back. Oh and Hole In My Head I guess.
  12. Cracked

    Okay. Looks good now? :chi:
  13. Cracked

    I'm good too. Waiting on R8. I need a summer release from her this year, I can't wait until November. .gif' alt='oprah4'>
  14. Cracked

    Should I remove the song from the save list too?
  15. Cracked

    Round 8 1. Fighter- DanKing2604 2. Can't Hold Us Down (feat. Lil' Kim)- Hakan 3. The Voice Within - Kirjava 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Eliminated: Make Over - Rich Bitch Soar - dave Keep On Singin' My Song - Bionikal Cruz- Katy Perry Infatuation - Brunette Impossible- xtina4life Underappreciated - dirrtyER Save: Walk Away- Dita Von Teese Get Mine, Get Yours- Maryanne I'm OK- Halcyon Dirrty (feat. Redman)- Warrior Beautiful - ARTRAVED Loving Me 4 Me - Infrared