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  1. Rihdomosity Thread

    True. That's the only reason I know who he is now.
  2. Rihdomosity Thread

    I liked the first half.
  3. Rihdomosity Thread

    @Warrior I'm listening to it right now. Why is it 8 minutes long though?
  4. Rihdomosity Thread

  5. Rihdomosity Thread

    But what's the difference? Some artists write and produce songs but they aren't featured on the song. Why is Calvin featured?
  6. Rihdomosity Thread

    I don't get why Calvin is featured. I honestly didn't even know he was a stand alone artist until recently.
  7. Official G.U.Y Music Video Thread

    What is this mess.
  8. Rihdomosity Thread

    I don't want any rappers either. I want a really pop album. Kind of like Talk That Talk but a bit more pop. Ghetto Rihanna is okay in small doses.
  9. Stripped Musical Chairs | Round 9

    You're like the 5th person to use my profile picture as a yes.
  10. Rihdomosity Thread

    You like JT? I think the only song I heard from ha is Sexy Back. Oh and Hole In My Head I guess.
  11. Stripped Musical Chairs | Round 9

    Okay. Looks good now? :chi:
  12. Rihdomosity Thread

    I'm good too. Waiting on R8. I need a summer release from her this year, I can't wait until November. .gif' alt='oprah4'>
  13. Stripped Musical Chairs | Round 9

    Should I remove the song from the save list too?
  14. Stripped Musical Chairs | Round 9

    Round 8 1. Fighter- DanKing2604 2. Can't Hold Us Down (feat. Lil' Kim)- Hakan 3. The Voice Within - Kirjava 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Eliminated: Make Over - Rich Bitch Soar - dave Keep On Singin' My Song - Bionikal Cruz- Katy Perry Infatuation - Brunette Impossible- xtina4life Underappreciated - dirrtyER Save: Walk Away- Dita Von Teese Get Mine, Get Yours- Maryanne I'm OK- Halcyon Dirrty (feat. Redman)- Warrior Beautiful - ARTRAVED Loving Me 4 Me - Infrared
  15. Stripped Musical Chairs | Round 9

    What do I do.