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  1. Playing Shadow Of The Tomb Raider ATM!!!

  2. laracroftonline


    I love Fallon her humor and style wow
  3. laracroftonline

    Life-Size 2 on Hulu with vpn.
  4. laracroftonline

    bop britney spears - up n down
  5. I know you from a long time ago, how you doing?

    1. GlenCoco


      What up Lara! (Manuela right?)  oh yeah same glencoco I'm doing ok u?

    2. laracroftonline

      Yep indeed manuela and i am doing good and you?

    3. GlenCoco

      lol that took for ever tome to reply lol I'm good

      whats good? 

  6. Seeing shania in two weeks super excited.

  7. undefined

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    2. laracroftonline

      Yeah do you wanna come over @Vice?

    3. doja

      Stan the second best song on Glory alex1 wig flew

    4. laracroftonline

      Wig flew harder when i changed my mind while bopping to better. 

  8. laracroftonline


    voted for nr4
  9. my fansite are holding 2 voting days together with a glory streaming hour:
  10. laracroftonline

    With Hillary we are certain to get WW3 and with Trump idk. Hillary will become the Angela Merkel of the United States.
  11. laracroftonline

    Neither and you should vote third party if that is possible!