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  1. Madhater


    That's my point. No matter what she would do, the majority of her "fans" will always complain about it. She released an album, she announced a tour and she doesn't give a flying shit about promoting anymore. Get over it.
  2. Madhater


    So Christina, now that you announced Pipe as your next single...
  3. Madhater


    Some of you are so hard to please, that I don't blame Christina for not doing anything at all
  4. Madhater


    That show is trash. She's better off staying away from that mess.
  5. Madhater


    Damn, she's really spilling some hot tea on The Voice on these interviews
  6. She also sang 'Think' by Aretha Franklin and THAT ENDING:
  7. Madhater

    Celeb News

    Reviving this, but some website just put Evita's DVD up for pre-sale: https://www.cede.ch/fr/movies/?view=detail&aid=16152446 Will we finally be getting this?
  8. Madhater

    Celeb News

    You’re welcome queen. Now you better announce those international tour dates already
  9. Yas queen, get some views on your channel
  10. Madhater


    It will basically be the Billionaire Tour's setlist + the four promotional singles from Liberation
  11. Madhater


    Your Body? A song from Burlesque? Girl Welcome to the forum, btw
  12. Madhater


    'xtine sis stop cracking ur ass on fighter and perform accelerate'