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  1. I'm trying to be skeptical about this, but HOLY SHIT, FINALLY
  2. Damn, those pics look awesome The Maria/Twice setup is absolutely stunning!
  3. That's definitely a wig, it looks way healthier than her actual hair and there's wigs in the background, so..
  4. Jesus, I remember when this thread was made Can't believe it's finally happening
  5. You know what time does it start though? Hope is the last to die
  6. So the show is today, right? Hopefully we get a live stream or something, but I doubt it since there won't be any real fans there
  7. If only she had the time to do it, you know, with such a busy schedule
  8. C'mon sis, what can be better than more fan footage of Beautiful, Fighter and ANOM?
  9. I miss the purple hair with the piercings, it looked so good But maybe he's actually asking her, like "bitch, about time we get rid of that lifeless mustard-yellow messy hair, dontcha think?"
  10. She looks well dressed, for once Everyone looking fancy as hell and Matt wearing a t-shirt And Xtina almost grabing that cutie's dick
  11. She's in full workmode I see, putting those finishing touches on the album
  12. So cute Xtina shopping for them carbs I see
  13. And to think she took time to take part in THREE MOVIES, but hasn't given a single fuck about the album and has left us in complete oblivion