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  1. She's actually showing her legs, not wearing leggings
  2. Other

    Jeez, her hair looks awful But wait, is she practicing the choreo for the music video of her new single "Spinning My Way to Retirement"?
  3. As if she cares about anything regarding her fans
  4. This was from her last concert on July 25. And yeah, it's her backup singer singing while X was eating a cheeseburger changing costumes
  5. OMG, drag her to filth But yeah, I know what you mean, apart from 2013, girl's been rocking the same thick body, dead-looking hair and cheap ass leggings
  6. I think she looks the same nowadays though, minus the pink hair
  7. I know, it's like she's become allergic to hard work
  8. Can we blame her though, getting millions from just sitting on a chair
  9. Like she gives a shit about the reviews though, she only cares about that easy cash
  10. Yeah, but it's always 50/50 I think, and if she won't mix, it's better to avoid the crack
  11. She will forever sing Beautiful that way and hit/miss the Eb5 But yeah, she just grunts through Candyman and completely dodges the notes on The Voice Within, so they really should go I miss At Last too
  12. About the show? I think she slayed, her energy was good and her vocals were consistent (for the most part). She hit some really clean D5s , the ANOM run with the rasp , the CHUD revival and the Blank Page slayage A few messy notes, but overall she was on fire