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  1. Photos

    Love that she sleeps in full makeup though
  2. Other

    She's looking hot af
  3. Oh, maybe a photoshoot coming
  4. Again, nerves and lack of use. She had only a couple of performances/gigs this year, but you could tell her voice was in the exact same shape of the last 4 years (take the NMAM concert for example), with hit and misses due to little use and no warm up.
  5. She's had many great performances and vocals after I Love You Porgy, like Say Something in 2013, NBA All Star 2015, The Thrill is Gone on The Voice, the Sinatra tribute, Stormy Weather, etc. No, her voice is not as it used to be, but she's still capable to deliver great vocals. This time around she seemed very nervous and was lowering her larynx too much to produce a heavier sound, like Whitney, which ended up sounding very shaky at times. Also, there appeared to be a few problems with the sound, so she was off tempo at some parts. I'm positive her voice will be warmed up after the next era starts, so she'll regain her control and give us solid vocals.
  6. Such flawless skin She's dropping the fake tan too, finally
  7. Yeah, that dress did not fit her well. Even the outfit she wore on the rehearsal looked better. But I'm also not a big fan of the slicked hair, it looks a bit weird to me, especially on her blonde damaged hair, making the extensions very apparent and cheap-looking. I'm loving that she's wearing less makeup though, you could even see her freckles on the performance.
  8. She could've worn that look at the AMAs
  9. She has sung that part a few times effortlessly, it was just nerves I guess
  10. IWALY and I Have Nothing instrumentals
  11. Hopefully she performs towards the end of the show, so she'll stay Also, she'll be walking the red carpet, so that's a plus