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  1. Pageant Material


    Folkty needs to happen She’s gonna flop with her new album anyway so I guess it’s time to return to her roots.
  2. Pageant Material


    Hopefully she won’t
  3. Pageant Material


    To those who say she can never do more than just pop music, she's always been vocal about doing something out of the pop music realm. She's a songwriter first and foremost and has been saying how she'd like to traverse the folk/acoustic route for so long - way before Gaga released Joanne. People who are saying she is going to pull a Gaga are so clueless and just like to put her inside the bubblegum pop box. She can honestly do way more than that.
  4. I'M BALD. Somebody retrieve my wig
  5. Pageant Material


    I have so much to say that I am at a loss for words.
  6. Pageant Material


    bye at the results
  7. Pageant Material


    Wow. Third reveal and I’m already repulsed by the taste in here.
  8. Pageant Material


    Ready for Power to snatch!
  9. Pageant Material


    Shocked at Uncle winning the whole thing or CTD making it that far?
  10. Pageant Material


  11. Pageant Material


    Let me link you to the last time FOTP had a Katy Perry Discography Megarate and see if the top 10 will hold up
  12. Pageant Material


    Omg @Kuba I completely forgot about this. I'm really sorry Is it too late to submit mine?
  13. Pageant Material


    According to a random Twitter account... sounds legit
  14. Pageant Material

    Celeb News

    Two power vocalists in one photo. Wig
  15. You say I've got the ripest melons on the street  My honeydew and your banana make a treat" SCREAMING always rely on Katy to serve the tackiest innuendoes ever