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  1. Pageant Material

    Kelly Clarkson. Show me someone more versatile than her.
  2. Pageant Material


    Power Chained To The Rhythm Save As Draft Tsunami Mind Maze
  3. Pageant Material


    It's the only thing I've been listening to as of late lol
  4. Pageant Material

    I don't. It's good but Save As Draft is miles ahead as a song.
  5. Pageant Material


    I haven't been on here a lot for quite a while now. Mentioning you just to let y'all know that I miss our conversations in the section and that we should be celebrating our Queen's comeback. @California boy @QUINN @Carlos @Justas @Joel @WalkingOnCharts @Ryan - whose current name I have no idea about @ everyone I forgot
  6. Pageant Material

    I really don't have any idea why. @RihannaRTT sure knows
  7. Pageant Material


    The way she came back with this song
  8. Pageant Material

    Is our queen coming back to smash?
  9. Pageant Material


    OMG Capitol is going all out with this one
  10. Pageant Material


    Throw in some bohemian-inspired visuals aaaaahhhhh QUEEN
  11. Pageant Material


    Imagine if KP5 is actually hippie-ish folk acoustic, my heart would literally explode
  12. Pageant Material

    KTL, what a... disappointment
  13. Pageant Material

    Who here has heard Amidst The Chaos? Sara fans we need to talk
  14. Pageant Material


    Oh wow at the impeccable taste. I Think I'm Ready is a favorite, too, but I'm putting Lost in place of it. Lost Thinking Of You I'm Still Breathing
  15. Pageant Material


    One of her best! The rage, damn!