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  1. Pageant Material

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    Two power vocalists in one photo. Wig
  2. You say I've got the ripest melons on the street  My honeydew and your banana make a treat" SCREAMING always rely on Katy to serve the tackiest innuendoes ever
  3. A bop but the embarassing type
  4. Pageant Material


    Sabotaging SHITISM as we speak
  5. Pageant Material


    I'm going to send you my rates. I might be a buzzer beater thhough
  6. Pageant Material


    she won me over with this one Brick by Brick
  7. Pageant Material


    We had one in 2016 but in a different format
  8. Pageant Material


    I was really thinking about doing this but my schedule won't allow me. I'm not ready for the Witness dragging that will ensue
  9. Pageant Material


    She can do whistle notes now? Giveup2
  10. Pageant Material

    And that's how she got to be the highest earning female musician of the year
  11. Pageant Material


    I'm so sorry for the randomness but this bothers me so much Enough horror movies for today I guess
  12. Pageant Material

    Background information Birth name Jonatha Brooke Born January 23, 1964(age 54) Illinois, United States Genres Folk rock Folk rock FOLK ROCK. Are we getting the folk/acoustic album she's been talking about? Omg i'm SHAKING at the thought of it
  13. Pageant Material


    Which part of a male are you happy with?