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  1. Would you mind sharing us the music you are creating?
  2. I'm so hyped to see a TOP fan here even when I'm a new stan myself lol. Prior to Level of Concern, my only exposure to their music was when I played Ride from a random Spotify playlist last year. I thought it was a cute song but never went back to it. Fast forward to June this year, an ad for LOC was quite heavily featured on Facebook. The only reason I clicked on it was because I got attracted to Tyler lol. My taste on music is his face I did a lot of digging on their background and music, and today, Vessel is one of my most played already. So fucking good. Tyler and his small frame pack an
  3. What Makes A Woman Never Really Over Tucked / Harley's In Hawaii __ Yas STAN TØP!
  4. Have you listened to the entire album?
  5. OOTB forever and always (or until she releases that damn folk/acoustic record)
  6. If it was released by chart peak Katy, it would've been a multi-week #1 smash. I was actually perplexed by its tragic chart run. Seriously one of her best tracks
  7. Somehow, I can see her exploring this sound for KP6.
  8. I was ready to hand my stan card out, this track pulled me back to reality. Currently listening to the acoustic version, and suddenly, I am seeing the Katy that I was obsessed with a while back. Back to stanning, forgive me Queen
  9. OH MY GOD. I'm so glad I caved in and listened to this. I'm crying. This is really beautiful.
  10. Wish You The Worst. I've always thought it was IKAG, but before that song was even released, I remember being on a fan forum for an American Idol contestant and she covered that song. I also remember prefering her version over the original