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  1. it’s true though. I would have laughed at your face if you told me in 2014 that I’d be a Taylor stan I still love Queen Katy though but where’s the music
  2. Maybe by dark, she meant the second half of Prism? Idk lol
  3. He’s currently in Genoa. Are you near that city? for the next 9 months at most. And I’m really not letting him go. Imma have to cut his dick off if he wants to break up with me
  4. The CAST IS HOT. Can’t they just have an orgy every episode
  5. But yeah I’m kinda obsessed with Elite lately. How are yall doing?
  6. Well bad lol. My boyfriend is currently in Italy for work and the time difference is killing me also the schedule
  7. Happy easter boo! Got a lot of free time right now
  8. But are we in the bottom tho
  9. I still think John is Katy’s hottest ex/partner
  10. Everyday lol. It’s a bop but I fear it’s starting to feel old to me lol wbu?