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  1. Maybe by dark, she meant the second half of Prism? Idk lol
  2. He’s currently in Genoa. Are you near that city? for the next 9 months at most. And I’m really not letting him go. Imma have to cut his dick off if he wants to break up with me
  3. The CAST IS HOT. Can’t they just have an orgy every episode
  4. But yeah I’m kinda obsessed with Elite lately. How are yall doing?
  5. Well bad lol. My boyfriend is currently in Italy for work and the time difference is killing me also the schedule
  6. Happy easter boo! Got a lot of free time right now
  7. But are we in the bottom tho
  8. I still think John is Katy’s hottest ex/partner
  9. Everyday lol. It’s a bop but I fear it’s starting to feel old to me lol wbu?
  10. Wow stan her best album ever aka PRISM second half + Unconditionally
  11. I can’t at this section going #1 in my absence I guess I’m never really gone
  12. How do you celebrate Christmas in Italy? you too henny @GlenCoco, how do you celebrate Christmas?
  13. Here’s to hoping she’d release at least an ep full of this sound. @California boy will probably unstan
  14. imagine it’s just the three of us (well mostly you two) keeping this section in the top 2. Literal legends
  15. And that’s why at that one point they ganged up on us Wow I wanna reread all the mess we made before ... ... and cringe
  16. There was no direction at all for the Witness aesthetics
  17. Wasn’t there also a drama between FOTP and ChurchOfPop? Also that one pop forum that shut down just a few months after launch? I kinda miss the pop forum wars tbh