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  1. i dont particulary like taylor but tehre are some lines which shouldnt be crossed
  2. i won't even link it, it is so disgusting i almost feel ashamed of myself for smilying at the very beggining before the rape part came. Can i get some eye bleach plz?
  3. I want to watch him reveal something else tho
  4. #R8

    Fuck EDM

    Here for #URBANNA releasing a pure urban album tbh! ICON WOULD SLAY IT. If Taylor can make a pop album RIHANNA can make a pure URBAN experience
  5. #R8

    #R8 single expectation

    leave before i report you
  6. #R8

    14 years ago

    Probably playing with her friends
  7. How do you except it to sound. I personally except it to be Jump-esque, but i'd love it to be like Watch n Learn
  8. The only raeson Katy is even comparable to RIh rn is because RIh didnt release anything in 9209420895 years