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  1. i dont particulary like taylor but tehre are some lines which shouldnt be crossed
  2. i won't even link it, it is so disgusting i almost feel ashamed of myself for smilying at the very beggining before the rape part came. Can i get some eye bleach plz?
  3. I want to watch him reveal something else tho
  4. #R8

    Fuck EDM

    Here for #URBANNA releasing a pure urban album tbh! ICON WOULD SLAY IT. If Taylor can make a pop album RIHANNA can make a pure URBAN experience
  5. #R8

    #R8 single expectation

    leave before i report you
  6. #R8

    14 years ago

    Probably playing with her friends
  7. How do you except it to sound. I personally except it to be Jump-esque, but i'd love it to be like Watch n Learn
  8. The only raeson Katy is even comparable to RIh rn is because RIh didnt release anything in 9209420895 years
  9. My plan to make Lorde more liked on fotp worked flawlessy
  10. Nah i dont listen to shitty covers for movies
  11. Dont plan on listenin tbh
  12. Tbh im getting pretty tired of her album and i think so is the gp. I just want new music ffs!
  13. Touched for the 31st time
  14. #R8

    It just hit me

    Dope is the best GAGA SONG EVER
  15. It is a little bit too basic
  16. I mean, i'd just become the martyr?