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  1. :gasp: Do you know if we'll be getting any Lana leaks in the coming weeks? I SO need Greenwich to leak. :creep:
  2. Dark Angels teas. .gif' alt='cry3'>
  3. That's because 3 of them were promo singles. Anyway he said singles, not hits.
  4. Gaga: JD, PF, LG, Paparazzi, EE (NEICS), BDR, BR, Alejandro, Telephone, DITD, MTN, BTW, TEOG, Judas, Hair, Applause, DWUW, Dope, Venus, G.U.Y. Bey: SL, CIL, LOT, PH Katy: IKAG, HAC, FW, WUIV, CG, WA, DU, POM, Roar, TIHWD, Unconditionally, DH Rih: PDR, SOS, Umbrella, Disturbia, S&M, OG (ITW), YDO, WHYB, Diamonds, Stay, What Now. These are all the ones I remember from the top of my head.
  5. Can you explain the Rick Nowels thing? I can't remember it.
  6. Britney is iconic, she's a legend... It's just a shame she has 0% talent left and is practically a walking vegetable now.
  7. Me. I Am Madonna... The Ageing Chanteuse Me. I Am Xtina... The Plus-Sized Chanteuse Me. I Am Myah... The Britney Jean Chanteuse Me. I Am Kesha... The Refrigerator Chanteuse
  8. WHEN WILL YOUR FAVES? :lmfao: Maybe now we'll get the album? :gasp: :giveup:
  9. Here, we see one-woman band Sharon and the Implants BLATANTLY COPYING Myah's iconic song Passenger. :ninja: And y'all say Charlotte XXX is a .
  10. FAKEFAKEFAKE This was fake, sorry. :/ Move to wastelands asap thx.