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  1. 5H ripping off of PCD and going on hiatus just like them
  2. “Xtina is the face of fatness” omg also my phone autocorrected Xtina to cantina
  3. good I love ha waiting for Bad Teacher 2
  4. omfg seriously they must have already bought or are planning to buy a ton of copies
  5. Discussion

    i picked the messy one, it has some good songs, some bops but some of them are a mess, and why did she leave Cherry Bomb off of the album omg i know right wtf but Speakerphone slays
  6. Event

    wtf i want to go and see ha
  7. The girl in the Rihanna picture looks like Adele
  8. Why did I die at Crapga
  9. Ugh I still get slain by this album art
  10. Flopga destroying and ruining anything she comes into contact with per usual