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  1. Goldie here

    Is there a way to see all topics I’ve ever made? I’m trying to find a topic I made in the Kylie section 2 years ago and I know the sections are gone now, are they archived anywhere?

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    2. Goldie

      @Freaky Prince thank you sis cry6 I am going through a Kylie phase again and remembered this thread I made about Kiss Me Once and Kylie shading it, I found it ny1 


    3. Freaky Prince

      Well she can die tbh, KMO is amazing oprah15

    4. Goldie

      @Freaky Prince ikr, I was thinking the same, so many pussy popping bops cry6 

  2. Goldie


    it slays and y'all need to get on board the video is everything, it will probably flop but at least we have a proper hoe anthem to start the new decade off with
  3. Is PCD/Nicole showing other girl groups what a real comeback song looks like? Girls Aloud / Something New are a close second and almost every other girl group + comeback song are far far behind.
  4. Goldie

    Hopefully an era that lasts until the end of the year so I can live out the rest of 2020 like the Pussycat Doll that I am cry6 Don't even need charts just visuals, videos, songs, good tour, hoe anthems, slutty moves that I can imitate, skimpy outfits that I can try and replicate from Aliexpress and maybe a smidgen of drama or simmering tension in interviews and on social media or possibility of a cat fight rach2 LET ME HAVE WHAT I WANT
  5. Goldie


    Who heard the React demo omg, my pussy is slain
  6. Goldie

    The only takeaway I got from this thread is that Gwen Stefani is a fucking loser and an embarrassing F L O P
  7. What I took from him saying that, as poorly worded as he wrote it (no offense Regina Phalange), was that the women on the panel probably proudly proclaim that they are part of #MeToo movement and champions of women's rights and exposing misogynistic/predatory behavior and are thus hypocritical in their support/affinity for Brigitte Nielson admitting what she did. I could totally be wrong but that's how I interpreted it
  8. All the Nicole songs are out I think (most of them are shit unfortunately) but she def recorded 100+ more I want to hear them
  9. What a loser, I’m so fucking done with her (but will still bop to LAMB etc.)
  10. Goldie


    You guys the reunion is happening again
  11. omg hey sis cry6 and yes i know i guess for some reason the other ones need to be there but i am ready for more nicole pussycat HOE slayage mess1