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  1. Guys Lou Taylor blocked me on Instagram I hate her so much
  2. I still can’t believe they interviewed Vivian Thoreen for the documentary
  3. But still, the audacity of them to get her on camera saying she feels like a prisoner and she’s sad? They changed their tune very quickly after this documentary and that’s why every interview since 2010 has been an awkward mess and that joke “I am Britney Jean” documentary is more in line with what I’d expect Jamie and Lou to propogate.
  4. That’s the the thing that all these years later I’m so confused by - if Jamie had already taken control at that point how on earth did they allow Britney to vocalize her thoughts about the whole situation on camera for her “comeback” documentary???? Maybe it just goes to show the state of mind everyone was in (that Britney was crazy and needed this for her own well being) and how badly it has aged over the years
  5. The I'm real Mariah knows J Lo was just collateral damage in that whole thing, Tommy was out for blood and J Lo was the perfect opportunity to throw Mariah off (which he succeeded in doing eventually) - J Lo isn't stupid either, she knew what was going on, even though she never directly had it out for Mariah she was still complicit - and I think Mariah has a good sense of humour about the whole thing, she's turned I don't know her into the funniest shit ever
  6. omg listened to that album on repeat in jan. of this year but now cbf anymore maybe i should try again one of these days
  7. 1. One of the Boys - I have to say this is my all time favorite, even though Katy was wearing like 10lbs of makeup during OOTB era the whole album shoot was on POINT x100, it was sexy, flirty, fun, and a bit camp, and totally in line with the image Katy was going for at the time 2. Witness - I like this one because it's simple, it's powerful, it simultaneously attracts and intimidates. The eye in the mouth concept is cool, goes with the Witness theme, I love the orange and red colors on the mani and above the eyes. The way the different parts of Katy are glowing different colors is a bit
  8. yeah its so fucking washed out, who fucking thought of that she looks like this here 👁👄👁
  9. omfg i didnt even realize this was done by a straight woman if that tells you anything are the straights ok?