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  1. sis I am OVER it, I felt like I was staring my destiny in the face when I was going to see PCD live and paid for the meet and greets, then seeing nicole make a joke of herself and sabotage herself over and over again, i just cant
  2. That FUCKING album cover, I can't Let's take a tour through the Nicole Cemetery
  3. you're expecting too much, Nicole is never releasing this shit the reason she had this pretentious concert where she didn't invite fans, only music industry insiders, is because she wants to find someone to fund the rest of the EP and give it some financial backing once its released, but no one is interested
  4. Nicole rolled the "song" out in typical Nicole fashion: - Appeared on stage in Ibiza after David Guetta's set was over, unannounced, with no announcement prior or explanation as to why she was there (my friend was at the show, I didn't believe him when he told me Nicole came on stage because there was literally nothing about it online, he said she came on after the set ended and nobody knew what was happening, and not in a good way, more like wtf is this lol) - Didn't post anything on social about it for 2 weeks after - Song not immediately available on streaming - When the
  5. I'm crying I can't believe McRiah decided to partner with McDonald's after reading fotp all these years
  6. Guys Lou Taylor blocked me on Instagram I hate her so much
  7. I still can’t believe they interviewed Vivian Thoreen for the documentary
  8. But still, the audacity of them to get her on camera saying she feels like a prisoner and she’s sad? They changed their tune very quickly after this documentary and that’s why every interview since 2010 has been an awkward mess and that joke “I am Britney Jean” documentary is more in line with what I’d expect Jamie and Lou to propogate.