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  1. All the Nicole songs are out I think (most of them are shit unfortunately) but she def recorded 100+ more I want to hear them
  2. What a loser, I’m so fucking done with her (but will still bop to LAMB etc.)
  3. Goldie

    You guys the reunion is happening again
  4. omg hey sis cry6 and yes i know i guess for some reason the other ones need to be there but i am ready for more nicole pussycat HOE slayage mess1
  5. Get excited, Pussycat Dolls fans! A source tells ET that Nicole Scherzinger is reuniting with the girl group she fronted, which also consisted of Carmit Bachar, Ashley Roberts, Jessica Sutta, Melody Thornton and Kimberly Wyatt. "They've already been in the studio together recording," the source says. "She's very excited." Back in 1995, choreographer Robin Antin founded the popular burlesque troupe in Los Angeles. PCD then morphed into a musical act when Antin negotiated a deal with Interscope Geffen A&M Records in 2003. Source https://www.etonline.com/nicole-scherzinger-recording-new-music-with-the-pussycat-dolls-132792
  6. It better be real this time
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    lmfao1 still an iconic hit
  8. Well to be fair xtincta is huge again now so
  9. Goldie

    Wow look how skinny she was, I bet she wishes she could go back to then, sitting and performing whole songs for her fans
  10. I went to Xtina in Berlin last night and was abysmally disappointed. I saw her once before live at a Jazz Festival and liked it but was unfamiliar then with many of her songs which is no longer the case - I was very impressed with the setlist for this tour and super excited to see her. I know we all joke about how Xtina is lazy and fat, and yes she is huge, but she is just as guilty of Britney of zipping through her own shows just to cash in on nostalgia, the only difference being is that Xtina is singing. Her voice was great, she had some messy costumes and choreography but some interesting visuals and production, but the show lasted barely over 1 hour and 15 min. because she sang MEDLEY versions of LITERALLY EVERYTHING Here is the setlist I was super excited to see: Bionic Your Body Genie in a Bottle The Voice Within Golden Queen Dirrty Vanity Express Lady Marmalade (LaBelle cover) Fall in Line Can't Hold Us Down Sick of Sittin' Maria Twice Say Something Reflection What a Girl Wants Come on Over Baby (All I Want Is You) Glam Ain't No Other Man Candyman Accelerate Feel This Moment (Pitbull cover) Beautiful Fighter Let There Be Love And here is what actually happened Bionic (Verse and chorus) / Your Body (verse and chorus) Genie in a Bottle (2 verses and ends after second chorus) The Voice Within (2 verses and chorus) Golden Queen Dirrty (she sang most of this one) Vanity (1st verse) / Express (one verse) / Lady Marmalade (first verse and chorus) Fall in Line Can't Hold Us Down (2 verses and one chorus) / Sick of Sittin' (one verse) / Maria (one verse + bridge) Twice (one verse and chorus) Say Something Reflection (Literally 20 seconds of the song after talking about it for 5 minutes - omg) What a Girl Wants (one verse and chorus) / Come on Over Baby (All I Want Is You) (prechorus and chorus) Glam Ain't No Other Man (one verse and chorus) / Candyman (one verse and chorus) Accelerate (she actually sang most of this one) Feel This Moment (30 seconds - why even fucking bother) (Pitbull cover) Beautiful - verse, chorus, bridge, chorus Fighter - she actually sang most of this one Let There Be Love (30 second version) There were literally more interludes than full songs. It was so disappointing to watch her cut short so many iconic songs down to 30 second iTunes previews. Couldn't even enjoy most of the songs because by the time you're into the song she's already onto the next part of the medley or another interlude. Seriously let down by KFCtina who was just ready for her Taco Bell platter after the show. GFY Xtina
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    Omg yes sis the album is not perfect but I still think it’s great and can stand on its own in the entirety of Spice Girls discography. I’m listening to IYWHSF now at the GYM OMG MESS1 it’s slaying me Omg don’t get me started on that cheap music video too
  12. Goldie

    omg this song slays, it's so sexy and effortless and the video slays too The opening riffs remind me more of TLC during that time but regardless I have no qualms with this song, the 'holla-holla-holla-holla-holla-c'mon' is kind of 90s cheesy though Real story, I didn't realize this could be a diss track towards Geri until I read it in a news article. I love the bass line in this song though, I wish the verses had a little more oomph to them but I really dig the pre-choruses and choruses, autotune and all OK at first I thought this song was low-key a mess especially with these 5 year old girl dream lyrics but after I saw it performed live you can't help but want to sing the chorus This one needed time to grow on me and I still don't listen to it as much as some other songs on the album but still it's well-produced and the vocals are on point When I first heard this one I confused it with 'Headlines' because I thought it was the single they pushed in 2007 But I think you're reading into the lyrics too much as being against Geri, I think it's a good track that encapsulates the evolving sound of the Spice Girls w this album while keeping the girl power message (despite losing a member) - and Scary's rap is so bad that it's good OMG I love this one too, Baby's vocals in the prechoruses just a fun sexy track, total bop I love this one too, the chorus fucking slays and the way the song drops and builds is just perfect, top 3 on Forever without a doubt These are both horrible, I don't think I've ever listened to either of them in full, because frankly they don't deserve it The intro + Scary's bridge is SOOOOO GOOD, I love this one, but like you said it does run a little long, but I think that is Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis' fault, reminds me a lot of how Janet Jackson songs always had 1.5 min of unnecessary chorus time But otherwise this song is epic for me The least worst out of Weekend Love + Time Goes By + this, it is at least listenable, but 9/10 times I will skip it Iconic, you can see Geri's influence on it even though she was not present, it's beautifully constructed and just essential Spice Girls-sounding, it was incredible to hear this live And a proper Goodbye to Geri + the world being the last track on their last full album So we don't disagree so much in the end, Forever was obviously just the last-ditch effort to cash in on the Spice Girls brand and is therefore way less iconic and impactful than the first two albums (which are also nearly picture perfect) - I just love the urban angle they were able to produce with this album that was so different from what they'd done before. The shit songs include the album is well-produced and very cohesive and has some of their best bops on it
  13. I wish she would've sang You Lost Me too, that is one of my all time favs, but glad she didn't bc God knows she would've ruined it by only singing the first 20 seconds I wouldn't say more than 1 hour of vocals given how many interlude breaks she took and how many times she let the backing track + background vocalists do her job while she penguin walked from one side of the stage to the other in a wannabe dominatrix crusty leotard True that Let There Be Love was literally just 20 seconds of background music while the show ended and you are right about Vanity + Express etc. it was literally just 1-2 lines of each one that segued into Lady Marmalade or whatever the last part of that medley was
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    Do it bitch and I will give my rebuttal I will conveniently leave out Oxygen and Weekend Love tho Exactly even though I’m pissed that they performed Something Kinda Shitty instead of Last Time Lover or Naked live for the reunion tour (probably geri’s fault since she’s a stuck up mum bitch now)
  15. Goldie

    This though I do admit GA has some bops also Forever the album slays
  16. Feel This Moment is an absolute waste of time and everyone was just confused by it. Let There Be Love would be amazing if it lasted more than 30 seconds
  17. I went with several friends and most of them didn't seem to mind or notice and they enjoyed the show (they complained more about sound problems/mixing issues which I didn't really notice) - by the time she was singing Twice and cut it off after the first chorus I was just seriously over it The show is not longer than 1 hour 30 min and you will only get a few songs that are the full thing. If you just want a run through of her greatest hits that are literally all meshed together at an accelerated pace then go for it. If you want to enjoy her catalog on a deeper level then don't go
  18. I am not trolling, I have pics/videos/tickets/receipts but can't be bothered enough to post them - friends who saw her in other cities said she performed some songs longer/shorter as well so it seems like she just does whatever her fat ass feels like at the time
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    What does this mean I don’t get it
  20. Goldie

    What does this mean I don’t get it