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    For me: 1. Paparazzi 2. Scheiße 3. Government Hooker 4. Donatella 5. Swine 6. Dance In the Dark *Bonus Question... For those who choose Swine, what would you do if she vomited on you? It would give me a boner i guess.
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    people choice awards
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    Source She won't hang out with any old Riff Raff! Rapper takes Katy Perry out for 'Holy Trinity of dates... sushi, bowling and drinks' Quote: After her reported split from boyfriend John Mayer, it looks like Katy Perry has already moved on after going on a date with an unlikely new man last week. Riff Raff, who is currently out in Miami, posted the orginal photo of the pair last Wednesday, writing: 'ON A DATE WITH KATY PERRY SHE IS PURDY'.(sic) Quote: In a video posted by TMZ on Wednesday, the 32-year-old, who is seen standing alongside a bikini-clad female, is heard saying he would love to see Katy again. When asked if they were going to go public, he told the website: 'Who knows where things might go. Just got to see where things lead.' After being asked when he was likely to see her next, he said: 'When I get back, think she's in Belgium right now, so probably next week.' Before adding: 'I'm just out here in Miami enjoying the weather and the beautiful view. But me and Katy Perry might go on a second date... round two.' MailOnline has contacted a representative for Perry following the reports. GET DAT D KETY :rip:
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    this one is flawiess
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    It slays me so hard CL is so attractive. :giveup:
  6. Lastfm is quite useless tho i only use it to find edgy underground jams
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    never pls
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    omg i am so pressed. i am so pressed i am literally spiiiting right now i am stomping my feet so hard i am punching walls and ripping out my extensions and screaming i am so pressed rn u have no idea omgggg!!!!!!!!!!!!! so. much. rage.
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  13. if its venus this bitch can go choke on a dick
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