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    Kill Cher Lloyd Fuck Cheryl Cole Marry Cher Sailor Moon Hannah Montana White Snow
  2. unknown

    1996 Twiggy or Marilyn Monroe
  3. unknown

    woot Facebook
  4. unknown

    Love it Blackout (Godney Album)
  5. unknown

    no would you let lady gaga throw up in your mouth then throw it up in her orifices
  6. unknown

    MEH Gwen Stefani
  7. unknown

    Cake True Blood or TVD
  8. unknown

    Love it Porn
  9. unknown

    Swallow Millie Brown's vomit
  10. unknown

    Kill Christopher Eccleston Fuck David Tennant Marry Matt Smith Vladimir Poutine Justin Bieber Adolf Hitler
  11. unknown

    she looks younger than me
  12. I know that feeling actually... it fucking sucks
  13. Brutal right? EDIT: WTF, she lights her own vomit? smell that delicious smoke odor .gif' alt='fall2'> Slay! .gif' alt='ny4'>
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    @Alek Jean Spears Hey, how are you?
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  17. Her chorus are always catchy as fuck
  18. unknown

    I'm not assuming anything, i just thought it was catchy Why do you except a male popstar to do? male popstars aren't big cause they're boring most of the time i mean...their skills and chances are rather limited. The only male "popstar" that was actually relevant besides JT, JB, MJ etc was Marilyn Manson but the columbine massacre exposure kinda destroyed the little career he had in the 90s.
  19. unknown

    Can i throw up on ur thread