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    Honey @ you need to stop worshiping the billboard hot 100 and check by yourself.
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    tell this to the OP
  3. Rihanna : 17 VEVO certified Lady Gaga : 10 VEVO certified Beyonce : 7 VEVO certified Britney : 3 VEVO certified .gif' alt='ny4'> bye
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    That bridge
  5. If Britney is really that relevant why does she have only three VEVO certified videos? :coffee:
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    She would be both actually...oh wait, i think she is!
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    Who knows? i'm not a fucking clairvoyant.
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    Charts are not a democracy.
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    http://www.tmz.com/2014/03/14/lady-gaga-vomit-sxsw-video/?adid=hero4 :: :worship:
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    that song is overrated
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    I love Aura!!!
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    Not bad but she can do better to be fair
  16. @Gilly The show is being broadcasted on Fuse TV channel tonight. We'll probably have an HDRIP tomorrow or later this night