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  1. im gonna think of one for Britney right now
  2. i cackled a bit myself when writing it, this is what happens when i get overtired :gasp:
  3. 1. The video starts off with Lady Gaga giving a motivational speech to children in North Korea, that being gay is okay and that if you long for something, you might get it. 2. Gaga then rips of her wig and throws it into the audience of children, struts off stage and exits the building. 3. She then walks onto the street where she is confronted by two aliens, alien 1 inpregenants lady gaga and is told "7 days" - gaga runs off crying. 4. Gaga then finds out that she now has powers, powers to fly, she decided to fly over to a near by castle, in that castle is an unnamed boy. The boy d
  4. 1. It goes for 17:18 minutes 2.it starts off with footage of her growing up and getting into fights in middle school 3. She changes outfits 6-7 times 4. Her dancing is ON POINT (no more seizures) 5. The video features a group of 98 backup dancers 6. She swallows another dancers vomit, vomits it into another dancers mouth and everyone starts vomiting on each other. 7. She flys through the air and lands at a castle 8. The boy at the castle is a prince 9. They fall in love 10. Then she gives birth to an alien, britney comes out singing "not alone not alone" 11.
  5. ALL you ever do is come into Exhale and steal our threads, our members actually work hard towards getting news for BreatheHeavy.com and then you post all this news here and don't even credit your source, how rude. And i make threads about you being a theif ect to expose you and make you look like a fool. Which you have achieved quite well btw.
  6. You did NOT just lerk exhale and steal my thread
  7. She used to be an album artist, a single artist, and a touring artist. Now: She can barely sell an album. She cant sell singles Her tours flop and she fakes injuries so she doesnt appear to be a flop ect. Why?
  8. Thats why people are flying from all over the world to see her, including myself who just spent 10k on flights accom and tickets to visit LA, VEGAS, Miami and NY.
  9. No but instead people are going to ticket tek and clicking buy on $2500 meet and greets instead for vegas, something she actually promoted. Your flawed logic lmfao Sit cunt
  10. Are you fucking dumb> the receipts are there, people love britney more and are talking about her more than your faves, her shows are doing amazing and she still remains on top of the pop hoes. You fucking tried doe bae
  11. Oh plz, britney is the most searched female since the beginning of the internet, just because people are tired of googling her doesnt mean they're not talking about her. Hey you tried though
  12. She didn't promote ha album, she promoted vegas which is currently slaying with sold out shows, including 2500k meet and greet packages, people are flying from all over the world to see ha. Even me bae. Remain the stan of a hasbeen