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  1. Isn't barz just another term for lyrics, any tracklist with that "song" on it is fake.
  2. It really does get better with each listen, you just need to give it time to understand it's brilliance People need to realise the "Loud" Rihanna is gone and she ain't never coming back unless she decides she wants to do that style again, there was a reason she wanted to finish her contract with Def Jam ASAP.
  3. Only weak point of the album tbh
  4. A video for this and LOTB was filmed months ago apparently.
  5. First half SLAYS, second half I need to play more
  6. It better be, what was the point of teasing it in R2 if it wasn't going to be featured on the album
  7. It's real https://twitter.com/fanboyii/status/689900705574993920 Good, I don't want an album full of FourFiveSeconds and Rih seems to be really excited about the album again lately
  8. It's either going to be ha best or second best album tbh (after TTT).