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  1. Ooh Ooh Baby is probably one of my favorite songs off Blackout.
  2. Discussion

    I still listen to Glory as if it was the first time! It is so fresh and good, a masterpiece
  3. Britney returned to her Piece Of Me residency last night and during the "(You Drive Me) Crazy" number, a guy went up on stage but was blocked by Britney's dancers and security team. Britney was told to leave the stage but returned to end the show.
  4. Hum, no. The "Best Choreography" isn't there for nothing. I think the whole package must be assessed, like its impact, the visual in general, coherence etc. But that's my opinion anyway lol
  5. Photos

    YAS, she looks gorgeous, now I can say it
  6. Queen of physics/digital sales and streamings
  7. I thought the Vanguard Award was for artists with memorable videography, so neither Pink nor Xtina would deserve it tbh
  8. Rihanna.
  9. Yay, congrats to the new mommy
  10. Photos

    I'm not sure I liked this. I'll wait for some appearance to say it
  11. Despacito was definitely the song of the summer, without a question. I voted for Mi gente because it's a better song imo
  12. Britney Spears Ganei Yehoshua Park Tel Aviv, Israel July 3, 2017 $6,504,394 56,204 / 56,204 1 / 1 $330.10, $140.90 Live Nation Global Touring/Peles/Bluestone
  13. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS That's amazing! I love it So proud of them <3