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  1. Rumour says she'll do an Asian Tour but we don't know for sure, so far all we know is the Israel concert but some people are saying she's going to China and Vietnam
  2. I like the song based on the demo but I don't think it's a single material. It's a good bop for the album
  3. I'm sorry we are so passionate to our idols and deliver the best crowd in concerts
  4. That's a good example on how to be iconic
  5. Also because radios got mad because she debuted Slave on the VMAs and not on the radios then they wouldn't play the singles. Even though her chartings in the US wasn't great, she had nice peaks worldwide.
  6. I don't know her
  7. It's funny how people say she is taking her old show as if all people in the world knew the show. Well, people don't follow every step Britney does on her career and the most of them don't know how the Piece Of Me show is, so it's new to them. The fans wanted her to peform out of Vegas and that's what she's doing now, she's taking the show to other countries and now y'all are complaining? Get your shit straight guys. Anyway, I'm happy it's official now and I heard she's touring in Asia too and maybe some contries in Europe, let's see what happens. Larry Ruldoph was seeing at the Live Nations office with his lawyer so it might be true.
  8. Is april 7th the album release date? He's releasing an album without first single?
  9. Excited to know who made it through
  10. OMG 6 years and I still remember the tracks teasers Flawless album full of bops!!
  11. yeah sweetie.. uhumm
  12. sure sweetie, you are a free person, you can do whatever you want