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  1. I can't even spend my energy with this ahaha
  2. Set fire to the rain and rolling in the deep
  3. Archie


    I am missing Britney so much, however every time I think about the mess her life is, it makes me feel suffocated for her. Sending positive energy to my gal <3
  4. Archie

    She's not the first to do this and certainly won't be the last. Unfortunately this is the world we're living, where people are not happy with anything. They always want to complain about something Britney fans are always criticising her body as well as the media. Anyway, I hope she's okay with her body image
  5. Oh wow. Larry is just as gross as her dad and her whole team. Honestly, I am so disgusted with all this situation. Britney does not deserve what is happening to her, she needs to be free to live her life as soon as possible. This Larry statement proves how desperate he is and his level of involvement in it might be causing him to fear, now that the truth is coming out. He knows that whatever he does or says won't change anything and it won't make anything better. Obviously she is not in touch with him, I can see why and I can see she will fire him FOR THE THIRD TIME! I hope he gets what he deserves just like his father and the rest of her team.
  6. I- lol I mean, yes there were some messes here and there, but so far I am enjoying this season. I definitely don't like what Jon Snow has become this season but I expect a plot twist in the last episode. I hated how some characters died though - not mentioning names because I don't want to spoil for those who haven't watched yet.
  7. Archie

    Celeb News

    I hope he gets a quick recovery
  8. Archie here

    I was browsing some threads after a significant amount of time away from here and all I can say is: bless your heart y'all.

  9. Archie


    dang that body
  10. She's honestly deserving everything she's collecting now
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      Bradley Stern is so hot hay1

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      The comments rip3 

      If You Seek Kidney wtffff fall1 

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