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  1. Is the 4th album curse actually real?

    It is okay to be a hater but you can be an honest one though. By April 2004 she hasn't even released Everytime yet, plus the tour was on its beginning. Britney was the only female artists to debut 4 consecutive albums at number one on Billboard back at the time. It was the #2 biggest debut of 2003. The album has sold around 7 million copies (12 million SPS), the tour was an audience success. The era's length went to October 2003 to June 2004 (July if you count the release date of Outrageous). Overall it was a very accomplished era which would be even bigger if it wasn't for the accident. Britney can't relate to this thread by any means.
  2. General News The FCC votes to scrap Net Neutrality rules

    To all my american sis: I'm so sorry
  3. Brandy has sold more album than local artist Kylie Minogue. Why ?

    I didn't say she's big in America (By the way, America is not only USA), but she's more known by the global population than Brandy, which is not even known in the whole American continent, let alone overseas
  4. Album Britney's BLACKOUT | Megarate (Cancelled)

    you better keep this going
  5. Ed gave Beyoncé her first number one in a decade, why?

    Oooooh Ed you promised me
  6. Is the 4th album curse actually real?

    Britney's 4th studio album was In The Zone
  7. Brandy has sold more album than local artist Kylie Minogue. Why ?

    Well, I'm south american and I hear Kylie around here. I must say her previous era wasn't big here, but the Aphrodite one had good hits. All The Lovers made into the soundtrack of the prime time soap opera back then.
  8. Photos Rihanna serving brunette

    I like ha with that hair color
  9. Discussion Blue Lips trinity

    shedontknowbutsheknows, Stranger and Struggle
  10. General News R.IP Itunes: Apple Is Reportedly Planning To End Digital Music Downloads By 2019

    Killed it or saved it? It might have killed the physical and digital sales, but in a worldwide scale, people were downloading songs illegally and now people can listen to their favorite songs legally "without paying" (Like, if you have a free account on spotify, you help the artists listening to the ads). As the platform grows, the more money the record label/artists earn
  11. Taylor blamed for murder

    omg you avi saved me
  12. Katy being mess on Twitter again

    I don't follow her Actually, my twitter account is rotting probably
  13. Katy being mess on Twitter again

    I can't wait till Witness era is over
  14. Last week, industry publication Digital Music News released a new reportclaiming that Apple is on track for a plan to eliminate digital music downloads from the iTunes store by early 2019. Although Apple has denied that any such phaseout plan exists, DMN’s report cites “multiple sources tied into the platform or working at the company itself.” DMN’s Paul Resnikoff detailed the alleged plan that his sources outlined, which he claims is on track to be implemented in early 2019, shortly after the Christmas season: "The company would migrate a user’s iTunes download collection towards a brand-new Apple Music account. Then, as part of a three-month transitionary trial account, a user’s entire collection would be migrated into streaming equivalents. All previous playlists and details would also be translated. Downloads unavailable as streams would be grayed out, pending future licensing. ‘But you can always go back and listen to the downloads, they always will work,’ another source noted. Over time, ‘more stuff becomes licensed’ and the grayed out collection becomes de minimis." While not dead, it’s certainly true that paid music downloads don’t seem to be the future of music. A record number of users are migrating to streaming services, with Spotify hitting 60 million subscribers earlier this year and Apple Music surpassing 30 million. Meanwhile, paid downloads have fallen significantly, with DMN putting the U.S. declines in the first half of 2017 at 24.1 percent for songs and 19.9 percent for albums. A previous report from DMN predicted that the entire model would be dead by 2021, just 18 years after the iTunes store first launched. Still, questions remain about the viability of streaming platforms. Spotify is preparing to go public potentially as soon as next year, although the company remains unprofitable. TIDAL’s finances remain murky, while services like Apple Music and Amazon Prime Music currently benefit from being underwritten by a larger company with diversified income streams. Jimmy Iovine recently underscored this point in an interview with Billboard, worrying that fierce competition will drive down subscription prices. “The streaming business is not a great business,” he said. “It’s fine with the big companies: Amazon, Apple, Google… Of course it’s a small piece of their business, very cool, but Spotify is the only standalone, right? So they have to figure out a way to show the road to making this a real business.” So far, Apple has continued to deny the prospect of ending paid downloads. It also recently acquired music recognition and discovery app Shazam for a reported $400 million, although its plans for the company remain unclear. However, as digital sales continue to fall while consumers move to streaming platforms, it certainly seems like the days of paid music downloads are numbered. https://genius.com/a/apple-is-reportedly-planning-to-end-digital-music-downloads-by-2019
  15. Brandy has sold more album than local artist Kylie Minogue. Why ?

    To be quite honest with y'all, and I don't mean to be shady but I only know Brandy for the Boy Is Mine and I only learned that song from Glee (and I liked so much that I search for the official song), other than that, I can't remember this song being played around here back in time. As for Kylie Minogue, even though I don't stan her, I must recognize she's way more global than Brandy since her songs are more known.