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  1. I don't know what happened in the 90's that made almost all album released in that decade a masterpiece. There were album for all music style and they all managed to reach a massive comercially success - from Spice Girls to Nirvana, Jagged Little Pill included. I won't dismiss any other album released back then. You Oughta Know is THAT anthem that everybody knows and can relate or have a connection somehow. The album's impact is also undeniable and I wish Alanis could manage to have her relavancy back because she's an amazing artists and deserve more recognition by that.
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    Updated with the music video
  3. Nice to meet you.... you didn't say what's her name?
  4. I must say Impossible is one of my favorite ballads from Xtina
  5. These pics didn't make her justice. She looked incredibly amazing fairy of pop
  6. They released the song today
  7. Oh lol it's october 12nd here yet
  8. Wait, pink released a new album? I need to check that out
  9. Who came first the chicken or the egg? Answer: the americans
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    I already cringed at the Artist of the year nominees
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    She looks stunning
  12. Oh, sorry @Alyssa @StrippedX
  13. I think any adm can delete your account. PM them