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  1. Archie

    Hey sis, how's it going? Oh I've been soooo busy these days, actually this whole year. I barely have time to turn my laptop on and see what's happening around here. I am living in Australia now and I'm moving house this weekend. Hopefully I'll have more time in this semestre. But other than that, studying and working hard.
  2. Archie

    I think Ray Of Light should be changed for Confession on A Dancefloor, that's the real Madonna's comeback. Anyway, I would say Mariah > Britney > Rest
  3. Archie

    Make Me without a doubt
  4. Archie


    queen deserves it!
  5. Archie

    I'm not hurt at all, thanks for you concern tho
  6. She looks flawless YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS
  7. Archie


    #1 Dream Within' A Dream Tour #2 Piece Of Me #3 The Onyx Hotel Tour #4 The Circus Starring Britney Spears #5 Oops! I Did It Again World Tour #6 Femme Fatale Tour #7 Crazy 2k Tour #8 ...Baby One More Time Tour
  8. Archie

    I only have this one and Struggle
  9. Archie

    I was listening to shedontknowbutsheknoes yesterday