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  1. do we?
  2. I mis the Unorthodox Jukebox days tbh
  3. Single

    This is such a pop bop. I've hear some people calling this indie lol
  4. I won't learn anything from an incorrect and incoherent teacher and its essay
  5. A masterpiece called In The Zone
  6. I like the song, the video is generic
  7. Discussion

    Slave - Overprotected - Not a Girl - I love Rock N Roll - Anticipating - Boys YAS QUEEN
  8. Britney still can dance better than both of the listed artists and plenty others out there. It's funny because this gif is from 2015 (And it's really good, dont act like shes not dancing, playing the blind hater lol) and she only got better through the POM years. Anyway, that's not the main theme of the thread.
  9. I think this news has been already posted in here
  10. MTV going back to its roots, I'm happy for it. I must say I love some reality shows they broadcast tho, like catfish and Are You The One
  11. I stopped reading on "masterpiece"
  12. Queen, I'll never get tired of this gif
  13. Both can't dance, Gaga has better live vocals but I think Katy has more stage presence and put more effort and energy on her performance, in my opinion Katy has better songs too which make the show interesting. So I'll keep with Katy.