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  1. It probably won't matter once I hear it, but over half of the songs being under 3 minutes is concerning me.
  2. Up Down Suite is a bop and I won't hear otherwise.
  3. I wouldn't change anything about the Britney Jean singles because Work Bitch is iconic, and it's kind of good that the rest of the era flopped because I'd rather that album stay under the radar. Same with Pretty Girls. I maintain "Change Your Mind" should've been a single from Glory, but the biggest misstep was waiting so damn long after "Make Me..."'s peak to release single #2. "Make Me..." actually set things up pretty nicely, and I don't think anything would've done that much better as a lead, but it had peaked three months before "Slumber Party" came out. You can debate single
  4. needy - 35 NASA - 45 bloodline - 60 (+) bad idea - 70 ghostin - 55 in my head - 45 7 rings - 30 thank u, next - 15 break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored
  5. needy - 40 NASA - 45 bloodline - 55 (+) bad idea - 70 ghostin - 50 in my head - 35 7 rings - 30 thank u, next - 15 (-) break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored - 15
  6. 1. I'm A Slave 4 U 2. Overprotected 3. I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman 4. I Run Away 5. Cinderella 6. When I Found You 7. That's Where You Take Me 8. Anticipating 9. Before The Goodbye 10. Lonely 11. I Love Rock 'n' Roll 12. Let Me Be 13. Bombastic Love 14. Boys 15. What It's Like To Be Me
  7. Sorry for the double post, but the back and forth might not be over...
  8. needy - 35 NASA - 40 bloodline - 45 (+) bad idea - 65 ghostin - 50 in my head - 40 7 rings - 30 (-) thank u, next - 35 break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored - 20
  9. Just Dance vs. Aura LoveGame vs. Venus Paparazzi vs. G.U.Y Poker Face vs. Sexxx Dreams Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) vs. Jewels n' Drugs Beautiful, Dirty, Rich vs. MANiCURE The Fame vs. Do What U Want Money Honey vs. ARTPOP Starstruck vs. Swine Boys Boys Boys vs. Donatella Paper Gangsta vs. Fashion! Brown Eyes vs. Mary Jane Holland I Like It Rough vs. Dope Summerboy vs. Gypsy Disco Heaven vs. Applause Again Again vs. Brooklyn Nights Retro, Dance, Freak vs. Partynauseous 14.5 / 2.5 I wasn't expecti
  10. I'll never understand why this forum hates Heaven on Earth. 01. Radar 02. Toy Soldier 03. Get Naked (I Got A Plan) 04. Break the Ice 05. Heaven on Earth 06. Freakshow 07. Gimme More 08. Hot as Ice 09. Piece of Me 10. Get Back 11. Perfect Lover 12. Ooh Ooh Baby 13. Outta This World 14. Everybody 15. Why Should I Be Sad
  11. You must be B-I-G because you got me hypnotized. Who ever said that beauty's on the inside was a liar. 'Cause what I'm looking at right now would make a big girl cry. So fasten up your seatbelt, it's gon' be a bumpy ride.
  12. Slow vs. All the Lovers Still Standing vs. Get Outta My Way Secret (Take You Home) vs. Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love) Promises vs. Closer Sweet Music vs. Everything is Beautiful Red Blooded Woman vs. Aphrodite Chocolate vs. Illusion Obsession vs. Better Than Today I Feel 4 U vs. Too Much Someday vs. Cupid Boy Loving Days vs. Looking for an Angel After Dark vs. Can't Beat the Feeling You Make Me Feel vs. Heartstrings Slo Motion vs. Mighty Rivers Cruise Control vs. Go Hard or Go Home Body Language: 8 Aph
  13. That was so iconic wasn't it? I've been busy irl but I didn't even realize I'd been gone as long as I had been.