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  1. Prince Charming

    Celeb News

    It probably won't matter once I hear it, but over half of the songs being under 3 minutes is concerning me.
  2. Prince Charming


    Up Down Suite is a bop and I won't hear otherwise.
  3. Prince Charming


    I wouldn't change anything about the Britney Jean singles because Work Bitch is iconic, and it's kind of good that the rest of the era flopped because I'd rather that album stay under the radar. Same with Pretty Girls. I maintain "Change Your Mind" should've been a single from Glory, but the biggest misstep was waiting so damn long after "Make Me..."'s peak to release single #2. "Make Me..." actually set things up pretty nicely, and I don't think anything would've done that much better as a lead, but it had peaked three months before "Slumber Party" came out. You can debate single choices all you want from that album, but the release strategies and timing are where they really dropped the ball there. Surprisingly, I don't have any real quips about her single choices over the years. Most, if not all of the time, they've gotten it right. Even stuff like Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know, which flopped, was an MTV hit and showed people she could do slower songs well. I'd say Criminal wasn't the best choice, but even still I'm shocked it did that badly following I Wanna Go reaching #1 on pop radio.
  4. Prince Charming

    Should've been a single.
  5. Prince Charming


    I've also heard rumors of Circus coming in December and FF coming in march, so in the words of Britney
  6. Prince Charming


    They've already got the pre-order up for the clear variant if you missed the white/black one. This one won't ship until December. https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/britney-spears-blackout-limited-lp?category=lifestyle&color=100?cm_mmc=social-_-tw-_-10142019-_-home&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=home&utm_term=britneyclearblackout&utm_content=10142019
  7. Prince Charming


    Not to mention the insane resell prices once the initial run sells out.
  8. Prince Charming


    My friend and I both played $5 for the hell of it, I "won" $1, she got $12.
  9. Prince Charming


    I lost $4 on a Britney machine back in 2015
  10. Prince Charming


    Hung Up because ABBA. But it depends on the day for me, in all honesty. When I first got into Madonna, I would've picked Music hands down.
  11. Prince Charming


    I Run Away Liar Love Me Down
  12. Prince Charming


    needy - 35 NASA - 45 bloodline - 60 (+) bad idea - 70 ghostin - 55 in my head - 45 7 rings - 30 thank u, next - 15 break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored
  13. Prince Charming


    Dark Ballet 15 God Control 125 (+) Batuka 120 (-) Extreme Occident 75 I Don't Search I Find 110