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  1. Riot, Along the Coast, and Queen of the Clubs is the trinity. Along The Coast might be the best but QOTC is really good and the anthem of the album. Crown is a really good bonus track on the iTunes versionT of the album.
  2. 1. Ready For It or Delicate 2. End Game 3. Gorgeous 4. King of My Heart 5. Getaway Car 6. Call It What You Want
  3. I’m listening to Iron Maiden. Powerslave and Brand New World tina1

  4. Katy Perry, Kesha, Prettymuch, Why Don’t We, New Hope Club, The 1975, 5 Seconds of Summer, HRVY, Dreamers, Lady Gaga
  5. Head Above Water, Dedicated, Norman ****ing Rockwell, Madame X, thank u next. I voted Head Above Water.
  6. listening to Lemonade for the 2nd time today lol. I love the opening beat on 6 Inch it's so addictive

  7. Made in the AM will finally get the recognition it deserves


  8. I listen to a couple songs but I overplayed it.
  9. binging Miley's music. The We Can't Stop music video antm1 Wrecking Ball is just cry8oprah2 Bangerz> any post Disney girl album. Also Dead Petz is extremely underrated.