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  1. I’m listening to Iron Maiden. Powerslave and Brand New World tina1

    1. Kylie


      My condoleances

    2. Hey Gurl Hey

      Hey Gurl Hey

      I love Iron Maidentina1

  2. listening to Lemonade for the 2nd time today lol. I love the opening beat on 6 Inch it's so addictive

  3. Made in the AM will finally get the recognition it deserves


  4. I listen to a couple songs but I overplayed it.
  5. binging Miley's music. The We Can't Stop music video antm1 Wrecking Ball is just cry8oprah2 Bangerz> any post Disney girl album. Also Dead Petz is extremely underrated.

  6. I want to feed him chocolate strawberries while he plays games
  7. Happy Birthday Post by Bjork and Jagged Little Pill by Alanis Morissette


    1. Impossible Princess

      Impossible Princess

      Omg happy birthday to Post cry6 

    2. Hey Gurl Hey

      Hey Gurl Hey

      the album that birthed Hyperballad, Headphones, and Modern Things cry8 and Enjoy antm1

  8. about to watch Bleach. Does anyone like anime? I'm obsessed with it


    that and reading books

    1. Holiest Dreams

      Holiest Dreams

      anime? moo4 

      but have fun watching bleach bey1 

  9. tomorrow is the Big Brother 18 cast reveal


    y'all ready for the mess

    1. calethewhalee
    2. Americunt


      I stopped watching after the shitshows that were Seasons 15 and 16. Heard 17 was just as bad, so 18 promises a continuing decline.

    3. SHANE


      I heard there's gonna be a few returning houseguests from past seasons so we'll see how this goes.