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  1. Tonic


    Diamond Heart / Alice A-YO / Stupid Love Joanne / Rain On Me John Wayne / Free Woman Dancin' In Circles / Fun Tonight Perfect Illusion / 911 Million Reasons / Plastic Doll Sinner's Prayer / Sour Candy Come To Mama / Enigma Hey Girl / Replay Angel Down / Sine From Above Grigio Girls / 1000 Doves Just Another Day / Babylon Joanne: 5 Chromatica: 8
  2. Tonic


    I AM DYING You guys are the best
  3. I agree. Fortunately Shallow hugely improves the top 5.
  4. Tonic


    She can never win
  5. On the first glance one might think that you're Agugaga with that set bye
  6. Tonic


    Bradley ha power
  7. Tonic


    I LOVE this. It's giving me Final Fantasy meets Pokemon meets gay stuff meets arcade meets 90s meets chrome meets command and conquer chat. UGH HER MIND
  8. Tonic

    Celeb News

    This gif is so iconic
  9. Tonic

    Obviously ROM.
  10. NICKI WHY WOULD YOU COLLABORATE WITH A CRIMINAL. I lost all my respect for her as a human being. And to all of you streaming and stanning this sing: You should be heavily ashamed of yourselves.
  11. Tonic

    Hdhsbejdnndnxnjdjfjjf djdjhdbrjem. S.. Ynyjshs
  12. both sides are equally shit