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  1. Tonic

    I mean I dont see any problem here. In the same way you fetishize Post Malones abs, other people fetishize her legs. I just see your double morale here. edit: I wanted to write Austin Mahone. lol
  2. Tonic

    Okay then I agree with you
  3. Tonic

    Do you consider Ariana "new pop girl"?
  4. Tonic

    blasphemy sis
  5. Tonic

    Ray of Light is the best pop era ever created.
  6. Tonic

    Literally the best pop song period
  7. quality like this has never been produced afterwards
  8. Tonic


    I laughed too hard at this
  9. Tonic

    Oh my god imagine Adele and Lady Gaga The VOCAL majesties
  10. stream perfect illusion
  11. Tonic

    she isnt doing good on spotify