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  1. Zedd realness in one song



  2. who is the person in your set/
  3. I was about to drag your awards for this post but there is nothing to drag
  4. Have to disagree. She is definitely bigger than Rihanna .
  5. @ The non-US users: Where do you watch the ninth season of Rupauls Dragrace in hd? PM me jj2

    1. Kaleb


      does putlocker work where you live? I'm from the US but I use it to watch previous seasons, and S9 is always updated fairly quickly there

  6. Just do the same thing you did to get the Joanne Ticket
  7. swish swish is katy's best song to date omg

    1. Kylie


      Interesting lies 

    2. Tonic


      @Royalty Buy Bad Liar on Ituns jj1 

  8. wtf why is she doing AI. omg this is a NO-GO.. wtf