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  1. oh no.. why is it leaking so early... if she gets upset we're not getting any new album till 2025 (or she runs out of coins)
  2. Your avi is flawless cry7

  3. Okay now walk into the studio and record B10!
  4. I do, but my point is that it's not the first time they collaborate with pop stars for Final Fantasy's games. I guess that what you don't like is having an Ariana Grande character.
  5. But she sings a Koda Kumi song in the game (Jade Valerie in the English version) .. mmhhmm
  6. I have FFX & FFX-2 on PS2 + PC and I own the japanese version of FFX-2 because it included an extra mission after you finished the game. Lol!
  7. Final Fantasy X-2 says hi (main character is a pop star)
  8. I edited that video, lol! There are no new scenes, I just put together all the clips that leaked in the highest quality I could find. Of course there is more footage! But for now, this is what we have. Just tried to see what the video would have looked like, then I just uploaded it to youtube, as I think no one had already done it (and the ones I found were LQ as fk)

    1. Addi


      this potato quality video is better than the one we got 



    2. Dr. Slay

      Dr. Slay

      This is actually better than the actual video IM SCREAMING ASHGASAGOIJSAOIJKTGOGJ rip2

  10. not bad. but. ugh. at least we will have 2 versions whenever the original leaks so..
  11. Omfg........ Im shocked.. I hope everyone is alright.. stay indoors guys.. I hope this is over soon.. this world is crazy