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  1. Am I the only one who thinks she sounded great? Like, yeah she's not whitney houston but she did really great I think. You guys are really mean
  2. Looks like I will be the only one who loves both the video and song
  3. oh no.. why is it leaking so early... if she gets upset we're not getting any new album till 2025 (or she runs out of coins)
  4. Omg I had really low expectations for this album, but it's blowing my mind up
  5. She's truly giving her all this era omg
  6. Guys you need to calm down, imagine going to a forum and straight people were celebrating the death of a gay celebrity? You wouldn't like that, right? I know that guys has said/done horrible things, but we should be spreading tolerance and equal rights... not this..
  7. That's just stupid, like, you're just closing the door to work with a big artist in the future.
  8. im sorry im really not up to date with the "tags" we live in today's society the other day i was looking for a gay friendly house and discovered so many that i had to google ''cis'' ''queer''.. etc