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  1. LastGoodbye

    Am I the only one who thinks she sounded great? Like, yeah she's not whitney houston but she did really great I think. You guys are really mean
  2. Looks like I will be the only one who loves both the video and song
  3. LastGoodbye


    oh no.. why is it leaking so early... if she gets upset we're not getting any new album till 2025 (or she runs out of coins)
  4. One of her best videos in a long while, really liked it
  5. LastGoodbye

    Celeb News

    Guys you need to calm down, imagine going to a forum and straight people were celebrating the death of a gay celebrity? You wouldn't like that, right? I know that guys has said/done horrible things, but we should be spreading tolerance and equal rights... not this..
  6. LastGoodbye

    Music Video

    im sorry im really not up to date with the "tags" we live in today's society the other day i was looking for a gay friendly house and discovered so many that i had to google ''cis'' ''queer''.. etc
  7. LastGoodbye

    Music Video

    Check 1:46, it's not her lmao
  8. LastGoodbye

    Music Video

    where's marina i didnt see her?
  9. LastGoodbye

    Music Video

    oh wow it's good, was that really Katy? they both looked really funny in those burger/fries outfits
  10. Looks like a photoshoot to me, just look at the camera and equipment they're using..Most of that are not used in music videos I think
  11. I even went to her PC Tour in London and I left quite happy because of how creative everything was
  12. how did she go from this to that missing the poppy.computer era so much rn
  13. I hope Ariana makes the right move If she chooses not to do anything, it's up to her.